Top 15 Street Foods Of India You Must Try

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Indian street foods are famous worldwide for their cheap prices and varied taste. Every Indian region is famous for its own food items. For example, Punjab’s famous street foods are Gol Gappe, Dahi Bhalla and Gujrat’s famous street foods are Dabeli and Khaman.

Top 15 Street Foods Of India You Must Try

1. Aloo Tikki


The most popular dish Aloo Tikki is served at the roadside of every Indian city. It is served with sweet and spicy red and green chutney, curd, namkeen and pomegranate seeds on the top.

2. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is the famous dish of Bihar, Jharkhand, and UP and is also called the Bihari version of Dal Batti of Rajasthan. This is made up of sattu, ground gram nut and served with chokha which is made from potato, brinjal and tomato and a bowl of desi ghee.

3. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the most famous dish in Mumbai which is also known as an Indian burger. It is the delicious and ultimate food item served with the fried potato dumplings in a bun which is called pav with fried green chillies and green and red chutney.

4. Momos

Momos are the famous dish of Nepal and Tibet. Hot dumplings stuffed with mixed vegetables and chicken are served with tangy spicy red sauce.

5. PaniPuri /Gol Gappe

Gol Gappe is the famous street food of Punjab. It is known by various names like Pani Puri and Puchka. The crunchy balls made up of wheat flour or Rava is filled with aloo, chana mixture and served with sweet, tangy spicy water is delicious.

6. Dabeli


Dabeli is a popular snack of Gujrat and becomes the favourite street food all over India. It is prepared with pav which is stuffed with mashed potatoes, namkeen and green chutney, imli chutney and garnished with pomegranate.

7. Raj Kachori


Raj Kachori is also known as the king of all kachoris is a popular chaat snack from north India. Poori is prepared from wheat flour same as gol gappa but this is bigger than gol gappa. This poori is stuffed with Bhalla, Dal, potato, papri, Chana, masalas, Curd, Sweet tamarind chutney, Cilantro Chutney and topped with thin sev, julienned ginger, Pomegranate and finally served.

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8. Bhel Puri

bhel puri

Bhel Puri is famous in Mumbai. It is made with puffed rice, tossed with vegetables and tangy chutneys. Garnishing is finished with boiled potatoes, diced onions, and tomatoes. Some people also like to add diced cucumber and sprouts.

9. Dahi Bhalla

dahi bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is popular North Indian street food. Vadas are made from urad dal or moong dal mixed with curd. Vadas and papdi are served with sweet and tangy chutney, curd, pomegranate seed and coriander leaves for garnishing.

10. Papdi chaat

papdi chaat

Papdi chaat is a popular north Indian street food made with boiled potatoes, papdi, pakories, chickpeas and curd.

11. Kulche Chole

kulche chole

Kulche Chole is a famous dish of Amritsar, Punjab. Kulcha bread is made with maida and served with spicy chole. Chole is made with a mixture of potatoes, onion, tomato and garnished with green coriander leaves.

12. Samosa/ Pakoda

Image credit: Istock

Samosa is a famous street food of India from the nineteenth century. A samosa consists of fried dough, traditionally filled with vegetables (peas, potatoes, carrots onions and a lot of spices). There are several versions but the vegetable samosa is the most common version. However, you will also find meat samosas, chicken samosas, noodles samosa.

13. Khaman


Khaman is popular in Gujrat and is also known as Dhokla. Khaman is prepared from besan and served with green chillies on the top. It is spongy and tastes super-delicious and served with green coriander chutney.

14. Chole Bhature


Chole Bhature is popular in Punjab as a Punjabi version of butter and bread. Bhature bread is made with maida and chole is made with chickpeas, potatoes with Punjabi tadka style.

15. Soya chaap

soya chaap

Soya chaap is popular in north India. Soya chaap is served in different kinds like Malai chaap, Masala CHaap, Afgani Chaap. Chaap is prepared with soya and served with green and red chutney.

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