Top 15 Things You Should Never Say To Your Introvert Friend

The world is as it is a hard place to live in and for introverts, it is just a little harder. Not that we hate the world or its breathing humans, but it is just that we always wish to stay away from human interactions. Not that we are moody or rude or arrogant, it is naturally our basic characteristic, as going out loud is for extroverts. But nevertheless, all said and done, humans do not get the hack to deal with us introverts. 

I understand it can get difficult on a large scale, but here are the top 15 things you should never say to your introverted friend. I hope that’s the least all you extroverts out there can do! Also, a quick reminder, I am not going to give out reasons for a certain way we act or behave because I don’t feel that why a person in a certain way needs to be justified. That’s his or her true self, and we must love it as it is. Here we go!

Top 15 Things You Should Never Say To Your Introvert Friend

1. Why Don’t You Talk?

Why Don't You Talk?
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Number one thing on my list of top 15 things you should never say to your introvert friend is, “Why don’t you talk?” Well, it isn’t that we are shy or don’t have the words to speak, but we do not hold the reins to talk in a group of people who aren’t our type or are new to us. Introverts, for that matter, love to talk to themselves or people who understand their ideologies or write it down, instead of blattering it out to people who really would not care. Also, we take type to adjust to people, and thus, unlike extroverts, we simply can’t talk out loud to anyone or everyone.

2. Why Are You Always So Shy?

Why Are You Always So Shy?
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Ok! So this is one of the most annoying things that introverts have to hear. Get this really straight. No, we are not shy, but unlike others, we would just not feel the cost of sharing our thoughts. We would rather keep it within ourselves because we take time in trusting and analyse people. And no, we can’t start talking the minute we meet someone. I know it’s great quality and people actually have the power to break the ice. But we, we cannot.

3. All You Do Is Just Read All Day!

All You Do Is Just Read All Day!
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Haha! Yes and No. Not all introverts are geeks and not all geeks are introverts. Not all introverts are readers or writers and not all writers and readers are introverts. For that matter, we can not put a section of people’s likes and dislikes into one category of nature. Introverts do not read or write all the time. Just like other people, we go to movies, watch television, talk to people, go out, and do all other regular normal stuff. The only difference is, that we either do it in our own company or with a handful of people whom we really love and who actually take the pain to bear us.

4. You Should Try Meeting New People

We might have, if only we ever felt the need to! The truth is we actually run away from human interactions, and in that scenario, meeting or not meeting new people would hardly make a difference. Since we already have to us the handful of people only to whom we would wish to talk. Also, we are so engrossed in our own company that if our pets and our passionate hobby, we don’t find a valid reason to go out and mingle with more humans.

5. No Doubt You Don’t Have Friends

 No Doubt You Don't Have Friends
Image Credit: Psych Central

We do have. It is just that you aren’t one of those for the only reason you think so. Looking down on introverts isn’t really cool. We are just as many humans as anyone else. I would repeat again, we don’t find it okay to open up to more people and our happiness in our section.

6. Come For The Party This Weekend

Come For The Party This Weekend
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That’s a big no-no. Because anyways we are going to deny it with the weekend plans that we have with our bed, books, pets, Netflix, and anything else that gives us true happiness. And in any case scenario, if you still drag us to that party, we would be stuck in the corner of the room to ourselves, sneaking away from interaction and then ending up listening to the same things of shy and talk more and not having friends. A better option is – Stay At Home!

7. Such A Spoil Sport

Such A Spoil Sport
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Again, no man, no! Not a spoilsport, but someone who is not comfortable in being a part of your activities that you think are fun. They aren’t the same as everyone. So if someone is not taking part in any of the things you want them to do, so it is ok. They have the right to choose. Tagging them as spoilsport is something that isn’t fine.

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8. Try And Talk

Try And Talk
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Talking does not need a trial. People generally talk when they think or feel that their point will be valued or understood. In a similar manner, we introverts talk only when we feel our point would make a difference and will be truly valued as well as understood among a given section of people.

9. Learn To Trust People

Learn To Trust People
Image Credit: Reader’s Digest

We do not have trust issues. The difference is we do not trust people quickly and easily. We take time to analyze and understand their nature before opening up.

10. Can I Stay At Your Place For A Night?

Can I Stay At Your Place For A Night?
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You can if you promise to leave the next morning. Not interfere in our lives. Not talk to endlessly about some sh*t. Not touch our things. Not ask random questions. Not make stupid plans. And not do anything but give us our room of space.

11. What Do You Do All Day?

What Do You Do All Day?
Image Credit: Thought Catalog

Just like any other person and as I mentioned above, we do everything. Go out, dance, chill, relax, talk, but all of it in our own comfort zones of latitude and longitude.

12. Did Something Happen To You In Your Childhood?

Did Something Happen To You In Your Childhood?
Image Credit: UnDepress

Yes! We were born with this, this basic nature of ours. That’s the most natural thing that happened to us in our childhood, or in fact at our birth. We lived and grew up with it, and probably will die one fine day with the same skill. We do not have sad stories or heartbreaks. We are just who we are in our most natural ways. 

13. Why Are You So Quiet?

Why Are You So Quiet?
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Again, we aren’t quiet. We speak when we wish to, and at that point, it would be difficult for anyone to stop us. But before we hit our saturation point, which is a little tricky, we would only speak up to the valuables who would take the pain to have an intellectual conversation. And random things and small talks! They only make us more uncomfortable.

14. Why Can’t You Just Share Your Feelings?

Why Can't You Just Share Your Feelings?
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We can’t because we fear the person being the right one who is ears to our words. We overthink the fact that would or would he does not get the heck of what we feel or wish to share. Each word that we say to turn our feelings into expressions carries a lot of courage, and we can not simply see it being wasted on someone who might not even get the nerve behind it. Thus, no sharing of feelings. 

15. Stop That Being Introvert Drama!

Image Credit: Twitter

See, if you don’t get it then just don’t have the audacity of saying it. How would you feel if we say that extroverts are fake? Bad, right? Similarly, calling introverts a drama or attention seekers is wrong. Just as mingling and breaking the ice is your basic quality, similarly, ours is to stay with our own self. It’s not a drama or not a facade, it’s who we are!

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