Top 15 Travel Hacks to must know before Travelling

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Travelling can be tedious but with the numerous amount of hacks available, you can make it a little easier!

Top 15 Travel Hacks to must know before travelling

1. Roll your clothes

Image source – Organizing Edge

This is one of the most popular travel hacks and will help you to travel light. Instead of piling up folded clothes in your suitcase, roll them up. It will also make sure that there are no creases and wrinkles in your clothes.

2. Offline google maps

Image source – Android Central

It is difficult to access the internet everywhere and therefore it is very essential that you have your maps saved beforehand. Just download google maps, go to the area which you want to save, type ‘ok map’ in the search box and then download the directions.

3. Put a mark or a tag of fragile on your baggage

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This is one of the most clever and sneaky travel hacks which will save your goods from any damage. The airport authorities will be extra careful of your suitcases and you won’t have to wait too much for your luggage, it will be given first priority.

4. Switch to the private or incognito mode for cheaper online tickets

Image source – Lifewire

When you surf online for tickets, the site installs cookies on your browser. This, in turn, shows higher prices because you’ve already searched for those tickets. To avoid this, open your tab in private/ incognito mode. This way they won’t be able to install cookies on your website.

5. You can charge up your devices through television

Image source – bionik™ Gaming Accessories

In case you forgot your chargers and just have your USB, you can easily charge them through television. Most of the televisions now have a USB slot.

6. Carry an empty water bottle to the airport

Image source – Food & Wine Magazine

Water bottles are pretty expensive at airports and the security doesn’t let you in with a filled water bottle. The best way to avoid this chaos is to bring an empty water bottle and then fill it up at the airport.

7. Crisp collars

Image source – Laugh Roulette

If you are going for a professional meeting or travelling for a business purpose, then your suitcase is probably filled with shirts. To avoid the creasing of collars, just roll your belt and put in the circle of the shirt. This way your shirt won’t get crumpled and there are enough spaces for belts.

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8. Click tinted photographs

Image source – SitePoint

You can use your sunglasses as a different coloured lens. Just place your camera behind your sunglass lens and click the photo. You’ll get an aesthetic photo without filtering or editing it on your phone.

9. Wi-fi passwords

Image source – ItWasFrom

There are various apps that help you to take out information about wi-fi passwords. Download those apps as wi-fi is essential while you are travelling, especially in foreign cities. This will help you to use your data less frequently.

10. Cloth pin as a stand for your toothbrush

Image source – Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers

You might not want to keep your toothbrush on the sink of the hotel. It is not very hygienic. To avoid germs, just take a cloth pin and insert your brush between those pins. Keep it on the sink and your brush won’t touch the surface of the sink.

11. Keep some baby powder

Image source – Hip2Save

Baby powder has various travelling benefits- it freshens you up, deodorizes your smelly feet or armpits and even helps your remove sand from your body. All these are common problems that one faces while travelling, so it is recommended to carry a small pouch or bottle of baby powder with you.

12. Try local cuisine

Image source – Soomska Business Directory

There is no fun in eating Mc Donald’s in foreign countries. Try their local cuisine. Not only you’ll experience something different, but you will also save a lot of money. Local food costs less than franchise foods.

13. Don’t unpack everything

Image source – Lifehacker

Only remove things that you need and arrange them again on a daily basis. Do not remove everything at once, repacking will become very difficult. Also, if you have to repack the last minute, you might also forget some things. It is better to be organised.

14. Keep a dryer sheet in your backpack or a suitcase

Image source – Marie Claire

This hack will help you to relieve the smell that the clothes pick up when kept in a bag with other things. If you are going for a long vacation, carry a bunch of them and keep replacing. This will keep your clothes fresh.

15. Call your debit or credit card company before leaving

Image source – DNA India

There are special functions that need to be enabled for using them in foreign countries. If you already have the access, still call them as this will prevent them from suspecting you for any activity.

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