Top 15 Unusual Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Minds

Cats are often misunderstood as mean creatures but is that really true? Well, it isn’t entirely true. Cats can be affectionate and loving, too. The researches have shown that there are approximately 2 million cat videos on YouTube and people have watched these videos for over 25 billion times, science has shown that watching these cat videos is actually good for you. I mean why would watching an adorable little creature, cause harm to anybody?! This cute little animal is loved and taken care of around the world. Here are some really cool and unusual top 15 facts that every cat lover should know.

The costliest cat ever

The costliest cat that’s ever to be existing is named little Nicky, who harm his owner $50,000. He was produced from the DNA of an eldercat Nicky who died in 2003. His owner Julia (who did not reveal her last name) was heart broken after the death of Nicky, so she paid $50,000 to have her elder cat cloned.

Cats have over 100 vocal sounds.

Cats have two vocal chords and can make over 100 sounds. While dogs just have 10. They can communicate in different sounds but the most common that we all know and has become their identity is the onomatopoeic ‘Meow’.


Cats mark there territories.

Cats often rub against things and people to mark their territories. If you are petting cats outside, your house cat definitely knows it and its probably planning on murdering you. Stay alert friends.


Cats have a peripheral vision of 285 degrees.

Cats have a wider view, while humans have 180 degree view. As cats are crepuscular (active day and night), it helps their wild attacking nature, as they can spot little things easily

A cat uses its whiskers to determine the size of space for it to squeeze itself in

A cat has four rows of whiskers on each side of the muzzle, the upper two rows can move away from the bottom two, their whiskers are the exact same size of their body width. So when you see a cat peeping through a hole it is actually measuring if it would fit in or not.

Cats never forgive

Some research have shown that one species of animals does not forgive: the domestic cats. And they do not forget. If you mess with a cat, you are a marked person and it will forever remember you. For that matter if you have been good to a cat, it will always remember.


Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day.                                                         

Cats in fact sleep 70% of their lives while, us humans tend to feel lethargic after 12 hours of sleep.



Cats have 32 muscle in each ears

Cats can move their ears up to 180 degrees that is around their entire head. It’s similar to how owls can rotate their head.

Cats have a weak sense of taste

They have only 473 taste buds while humans have 1000 taste buds. Your cat cannot taste sweets. They don’t have the ability to detect sugar due to lack of enough taste buds.

Cat’s urine glows in dark

Their urine glows under dark mostly because it contains phosphorus in it. It can surely help you find cat urine in your house under beds and corners.

Cats can’t move there jaw side ways

Yes! You heard it right. Cats can’t eat large chunks of food because their jaws can’t move sideways.

Owning a cat can reduce the chances of having heart attack

Researches have shown that being around a cat can release stress and anxiety, which protects you from heart disease by reducing blood pressure and reducing heart rates.

It’s often seen that cats are lactose intolerant.

Adult mammals including cats who are known for loving milk are in fact often lactose intolerant.

Cats have lower social IQ

Dogs are known to be smarter than cats, cats, in fact, have lower social IQ than dogs but if they feel up to it, they can solve more difficult cognitive problems than dogs

Cats change their voice to manipulate humans

Cats are one of the smart animal species. They change their ‘meow’ to manipulate a human, they often imitate a human baby when they need food.

So aren’t cats even more amazing than you thought?

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