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Top 15 Beautiful Mountains in Indian Ghats

India is such a beautiful country, there are so many attractive and pleasing places to visit here. If you love monsoons and are planning a trip then mountain ghats are a perfect choice. There are...


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Top 15 Plays That You Need To Have On Your Shelf

To read or not to read is the question. Literature, for all these years, has had one thing in common, of always being pictured...

Top 15 Most Haunted Places In India

Death is the ultimate truth of our life. But what happens after death? No one knows. Some believe that people go to heaven after...

Top 15 Potato Appetizers that can make you drool!

  If there's one thing that I could eat for the rest of my life, it's Potatoes. Why? One, they're so freakin delicious! Two, one...

Top 15 Poorest Countries In The World

The world has enough resources to fulfill the basic need of every human being on the planet. But there still are some countries deprived...

Top 15 Foods To Unclog Arteries Naturally.

Heart disease is one in all the main causes of death. And one of the most common types of heart disease is coronary artery...

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