Shreya Tandon

I am pursuing journalism and mass communication. I have an avid interest in reading and writing down my thoughts and able to express it publicly.

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Top 15 Places you Must Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ( the quest to explore ) : endless beaches, meticulous nature, chirping of birds, welcoming guests wholeheartedly, oodles of elephants and enormous amount of fun loving adventures makes Sri Lanka the most...



Top15 Obscure And Difficult English Words

The ancestral identity of a word portrays its uniqueness and historical value. As the world progresses, new words keep adding to the vocabulary list....

Top 15 Disney and Nickelodeon Originals to Remember our Childhood

Life of 90's kid and a 2000's kid was pretty different but one thing that was common was the great TV shows that...

Top 15 Simple Ways To Stay Fit While Travelling

Travelling requires energy and dedication. Many individuals find it very difficult to keep themselves fit while travelling. Therefore, they miss out fun during their...

Top 15 Animals that No Longer Exist in this World

Earth has been a home to various magnificent flora and fauna. Some of them have been dangerous, while some have been breathtaking and beautiful....

Top 15 Ways To Ensure Good Mental Health

Do you know the definition of Health? Health is a state of physical, social, and mental well-being of a person. But people tend to...

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