Shreya Tandon

I am pursuing journalism and mass communication. I have an avid interest in reading and writing down my thoughts and able to express it publicly.

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Top 15 Places you Must Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ( the quest to explore ) : endless beaches, meticulous nature, chirping of birds, welcoming guests wholeheartedly, oodles of elephants and enormous amount of fun loving adventures makes Sri Lanka the most...


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Top 15 Ways To Boost Immunity Naturally

As the COVID-19 pandemic is going on and we don’t have any supplement to cure it, we are totally dependent on our immunity system...

Top 15 Graphic Novels You Must Read

Most people seem to equate graphic novels or comics with superheroes. A huge reason behind this are franchises like Marvel and DC which are...

Top 15 Contemporary Romantic Novels For Young Adults

Only a true reader can understand that a well-written book has many emotions which can make you smile, laugh, cry, sob, and in the...

Top 15 Cities/ Towns You Must Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its royalty, luxury, customs and traditions. Visit Rajasthan during winters for a blissful vacation. The temperature is very high during...

Top 15 Expensive Paintings That People Bought

How much one must pay for an exquisite painting? A couple of hundred bucks, a thousand or a million? The price needs to be...

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