Simran Chanda

20, A Writer, Blogger and a Journalism Student who is in a relationship with Mountains and Good Food. So Adventurous that her Parents are scared of it. Ambitious, Dreamy and forever excited about life.

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Top 15 Weirdest Ice cream Flavors You Should Try

Dinner is incomplete without eating a dessert. And what is the popular choice of dessert? It's ICE CREAM! Our brain motors into uncontrolled happiness at the sight of ice cream. Can we blame it? We...


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Top 15 Innovative Japanese Ideas That Shout “Damn They Are Living In 3020”

Japan has always been the best example for the rest of the world when it comes to development, innovation, service, and punctuality. Here given below are a...

Top 15 Most Haunted Places In India

Death is the ultimate truth of our life. But what happens after death? No one knows. Some believe that people go to heaven after...

Top 15 Elegant but Toxic Animals Around the World.

The animal kingdom is extremely fascinating. There is no shortage of beautiful creatures in the world. However, most of the time, their vibrant colours...

Top 15 Effective Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Many times, our relationships with our closest people, be it our parents, children, siblings, friends, significant others, or anyone that we care about tend...

Top 15 Effective Ways To Grow Social Media Engagement

Social media has truly evolved as a platform to gain income and popularity especially, among the younger generation, but the main hurdle that people...

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