Top 15 ASMR Triggers to Your Rescue

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – ASMR, is a new way to promote relaxation. It involves the play of sounds and triggers such as whispering, eating sounds and other sounds that send a “tingling sensation,” and relaxing movements helping you to calm down, often putting you to sleep. It’s a relatively new concept, but it is increasingly popular on YouTube. So get ready to put your stress and anxiety aside with these fun sounds.

Presenting the top 15 ASMR triggers to your rescue!

1. Whispering Sounds

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Whispering is generally slow, relaxing and sometimes even sensual. ASMRists often whisper close to the microphone, it produces a serene effect, and you sense a slow down of your bodily processes. It is highly relaxing and effective.

2. The sound of water

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Normally, if you listen to flowing water, you feel calm. ASMR specialists often use two different containers and pour water close to the microphone. They even use other steps to create the sound effects and motions of water which is very useful in soothing anxiety.

3. Hand movements

Source: neuroscience

ASMRist Julia speaks using hand movements. Right hand movements create a hypnotic effect. That’s extremely beneficial in curing insomnia and putting you to sleep instantly.

4. Massage sounds

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ASMR massage videos aid your vision and hearing. It provides the ultimate relaxing effect. Statistics show that it has not only aided people in sleeping but has reduced anxiety and depression considerably.

5. Brushing

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The sound of brushing the microphone is somewhat like a brain message. It is extremely soothing. Specifically, if you’re feeling restless and anxious. You could even go for the face brushing videos, they are even better.

6. Mic scratching

Source: psychologytoday

ASMRists use this technique, they use their finger to scratch the microphone. That produces a similar effect to a brush. Likewise, it is a good way to reduce anxiety.

7. Tapping of wood

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Tapping noises are very common. ASMRists do that all the time. But the noise that comes from tapping wood is probably the most relaxing out of every other sound.

8. Mouth sounds

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This is not the same as eating sounds, but ASMRists often produce some relaxing mouth sounds.

9. Paper

Source: youtube

When you write on a paper, turn the papers of a book, or tap a paper. This trigger is rarely used but it is useful in providing instant relaxation.

10. Eating sounds

Source: today

No, it is not disgusting. In fact, there are categories of eating noises. We have soft eating noises, the best one of them would be eating cotton candies. We have stronger noises like the one Zach Choi creates with KFC chicken wings. Moreover, viewing good food is a natural delight.

11. Tapping of glass

Source: youtube

This is to be placed a little later. This sound is specifically good if you’re suffering from headaches or you’re irked by loud noises around you.

12. Roleplay

Source: youtube

This is indeed a very endearing trigger. Here, the ASMRists acquire a role. For example, a bartender, a doctor or a cafe owner. They create an ambience of peace and you feel welcomed, relaxed and less lonely.

13. Slime

Source: thebestideasforkids

Squishing slimes is indeed fun, but the sound of the process is extremely relaxing and soothing. This was recently discovered but it’s really effective.

14. Crystals

Source: theguardian

As in stones or crystals against one another. This has a proper technique and indeed requires perfection but if done perfectly, it has a very beautiful effect.

15. Burning of herbs

Source: ilmypsychicjane

This is something you will not really find in the very conventional ASMR videos. Julia, an increasingly popular ASMRist has actually popularized this. This also creates a hypnotic effect which is very soothing.

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