Top 15 Best Harry Potter Characters

The Harry Potter film series came into this world in 2001. Ever since its arrival, it has gathered a massive army of Harry Potter fans. Harry Potter fans are incredibly loyal, and even though the series has ended, they keep revisiting the memories that the films have left behind. So, here we have the top 15 Harry Potter characters that had a huge role in the movies, and all of them have a special place in all Potter fans’ hearts.

Top 15 Best Harry Potter Characters

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter
Credits: The Irish Times

Harry James Potter indeed has to be on top of this list. The central character of the entire series, Harry Potter is a sympathetic individual who has been surrounded by unfortunate circumstances ever since his birth. But that didn’t stop Potter from being the greatest wizard of his time. He is powerful, not because of his skills but due to his excellent relationships over the years. He indeed is the chosen one because he didn’t die, not when he was a baby nor the time when someone tried to kill him. Harry’s smile has still got the charm to erase any Potter fan’s blues.

2. Severus Snape

Severus Snape
Credits: Insider

Being a Harry Potter fan, I feel so emotional while writing about Snape. Every one of us has hated him, but towards the end, we regretted it. Throughout the series, he has made quite an impact as he went from being a nightmare to the most loved character. He has unknowingly provided a lot of laughter in the movie. Every one of us surely cried our hearts out when Snape revealed the truth. Some of us still cry every time we hear ‘ALWAYS’!

3. Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore
Credits: Looper

Professor Dumbledore was introduced to us as the genius behind Hogwarts. There have been a lot of controversial fan theories surrounding him. He has always been there for Harry.  Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore- a name too long but difficult for Potter fans to forget. He comes across as misleading at times, but he has always got Harry’s back. Our hearts broke into pieces when he got killed. We also hated him a little when we realised why he was protecting Harry. But irrespective of what he did, the series wouldn’t be complete without Dumbledore.

4. Hermione Granger

Hermoine Granger.
Credits: Glamour

The most brilliant wizard of her time, Hermione Granger, is much more than a mandatory female character. She is logical and brave. She has developed so much as a character that she went from hating Ron to eventually marrying him. She plays a vital role in Harry’s life, and both of them continue to give their fans the ultimate best friend goals. Some fans even started shipping them, although they were heartbroken when she ended up with Ron. But, no matter what, she certainly remains the best contribution to the world of wizards.

5. Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley
Credits: Radio Times

Ron Weasley is not only Harry Potter’s best friend or his sidekick, but there are many assumptions surrounding him. Our golden trio is incomplete without Ron. He overcomes his fears time and again, proving to be one of the most underrated characters in the series.

6. Fred And George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley.
Credits: Wizarding World

The Weasley twins are my favourites among all the Weasleys. They always helped Harry and made fun of Ron. Our love for them grew over time. They made us laugh out loud throughout the series. Besides being funny, they also displayed their courage in the climax scene. Bravery was so mighty that it left all of us in tears. It is sad to realise that our duo is no more.

7. Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom
Credits: Pinterest

Neville Longbottom has undergone one heck of a transformation throughout the series. When he entered Hogwarts for the first time, he seemed like an awkward character. Later, when he stepped out, he transformed into a brave hero who killed the strongest villain of all time. He displays loyalty throughout the movies, and he, too, had a terrible childhood experience. However, he emerges as a victorious figure like Harry, showcasing some truly remarkable moments of bravery in the final Battle of Hogwarts.

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8. Voldemort

Credits: Exploring Your Mind

This list would be incomplete without having Voldemort on it. He is the most wicked spirit ever to exist. He has injected sheer fear in the minds of even the most powerful wizards.  The final battle surely had us on the edge of our seats when we were uncertain how Harry would defeat him.

9. Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin
Credits: Bustle

He is kind and caring towards Harry Potter. I wouldn’t say he protected Harry, but he was always available for him. He showed us how to control the monster inside us and gave us one of the best relationship goals in the series.

10. Sirius Black

Sirius Black
Credits: Sports Gaming

When we were first introduced to Sirius, we assumed that he was a brutal murderer. But he sure did teach us how assumptions could be disastrous. He was close to Harry’s lost parents, and he gave Harry a ray of hope about how he could have his own family with whom he could share his happiness. Although Sirius had a short screen time, he still managed to win our hearts.

11. Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy
Credits: Eonline

Personally, I hated him, but he melted my heart in a unique manner towards the end. He added the villainous flavour in the movies when Voldemort was not around. He has experienced one heck of a journey. Draco showcased to the viewers that it is never too late to change oneself. No matter how nasty he was, he will hold a special spot in our hearts.

12. Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange
Credits: Bustle

Bellatrix Lestrange is cold, wicked, nasty and has an evil aura around her. Whenever she entered the screen, I happened to be both scared and excited at the same time. She escaped from prison, murdered her cousin, tortured Hermione, murdered Dobby and did everything that would make us hate her more than Umbridge. But it is strange how we cannot stop watching her. Perhaps, this is an indication of how wicked we are in a way.

13. Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid
Credits: Hello Giggles

Rubeus Hagrid is the man who made us realise that some teachers could be our best friends. He is warm, confident, helpful, loyal, and not so great at choosing pets. He gave us one of the most influential and emotional moments in the series. He was always there for Harry whenever he needed him. Without Hagrid, Harry Potter wouldn’t be the same.

14. Dobby

Credits: LAD Bible

According to my, he is one of the most surprising characters in the series. When we first meet Dobby, he appears cute but annoying. He makes things difficult for Harry, but his intentions have always touched our hearts. He has quite a small role, but he impacted us in ways that several main characters couldn’t.

15. Lucius Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy
Credits: Quora

I hated him so much from the very moment he was introduced. He is excellent at performing wrong deeds and has supported Voldemort for the longest time. But towards the end, Lucius makes us all pity him and his family. What makes him end up on this list is his unique characterisation, as he has given so much to the plot. Some hate him, while some love him. However, one cannot ignore him. 

To Conclude

These are some of the best Harry Potter characters based on their characterization. Some are kind, some are evil, and some are just plain neutral. Who is your favorite character from the list?

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