Top 15 Inventions That Changed The World As We Knew It

Inventions have revolutionised our existence, we have evolved from mere cavemen to modern humans! All due to the urge for innovation that roots in humans. Man’s curiosity has led him to the age of modernisation.

Top 15 Inventions That Changed The World As We Knew It

1. Plastic – 1869

1) Plastic - 1869

Invented by John Wesley Hyatt in 1869. The invention of plastic has been so monumental, we cannot imagine our lives without it! Plastic has taken over as a medium for everything. From automobiles to packaging, plastic is used for all.

2. Telephone – 1876

The significance of the invention is such that everyone remembers the name of its inventor. Alexander Graham Bell of course! The telephone has revolutionised communication as we now know it. The invention of the telephone in 1876 ushered humankind in a new age of living.

3. Lightbulb – 1879

3) Lightbulb - 1879

This invention took mankind out of the dark, literally. With the invention of the lightbulb, by the genius inventor Thomas Edison, life took a leap. People began reanalysing their lives and lived in much more luxury than earlier possible.

4. Bicycle – 1885

4) Bicycle - 1885

 John Kemp Starley was the inventor of the first-ever practical bicycle. This was an iconic invention during the time. Not only did it make travelling faster and bought the world closer but also made travelling monumentally cheaper for the general people who were unable to afford horses and carriages.

5. Motor Carriage – 1895

This is regarded as the first-ever prototype of a car. Modern transport largely consists of cars, the invention of modern cars, we owe to the German engineer Karl Benz.

6. Aluminium – 1886

6)  Aluminium - 1886
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The most versatile metal wasn’t used commonly before due to its high price. The chemist, Charles Martin Hall reinvented aluminium as we know it. Its price took a drastic fall from an astounding $18 a pound to 18 cents. This makes aluminium so useful as we now know it.

7. Aeroplane – 1903

7)  Aeroplane - 1903

Among the many ways that the invention of aeroplanes significantly improved our lives, globalisation is one of them. The world is now a global market and continents far away are now only hours away! The Wright brothers certainly revamped our lives on this one!

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8. Email – 1972

8) Email - 1972

Taking communication one step further, Ray Tomlinson invented Emails. The electric mailing system now forms the very base of communication for business and other formal interactions.

9. The Personal computer – 1980s

9)  The Personal computer - 1980s

The possibility of having a computer in every home revamped how people viewed technology. The prospect of personal computers made modern-day technology more accessible to normal people. It enabled them to have a chance to experience and envision countless future possibilities.

10. The Mobile Phone – 1980s

10)  The Mobile Phone - 1980s
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The mobile phone freed people from the restraining wires of telephones. They enabled people to take calls when they wanted to, where they wanted to, how they wanted to. The possibilities were endless. Not just calls, The mobile phones also enabled people to send text messages.

11. Internet/World Wide Web – 1990

11) Internet/World Wide Web - 1990

The software for the World Wide Web (WWW) was written by Tim Berners Lee in 1990. This helped in revolutionising the concept internet and further making it freely available to the entire world.

12. The Smartphone – 2000s

The Smartphone was a cumulative of all luxurious inventions ever know. It enabled features such as calling, texting, internet access, camera all in one device. Steve Jobs is greatly regarded as the inventor of modern-day smartphones.

13. Anti-ageing medicines – 2018

13)  Anti-ageing medicines - 2018

The invention of anti-ageing medicines is already well underway. There has been a clinical trial of drugs called mTOR Inhibitors. It has been found that they boosted the immune system. Specifically in elderly people. This has potentially extended their life spans.

14. The Malaria-Proof Mosquito and The Mosquito Laser – Late 2000s

14)  The Malaria-Proof Mosquito and The Mosquito Laser - Late 2000s
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A group of scientists at the University of Arizona have managed to change the very genetic makeup of mosquitos. They have genetically engineered a mosquito. The mosquito is immune to the Plasmodium parasite. This is the parasite that is responsible for malaria.

15. Lifeguard robot – Late 2000s

15) Lifeguard robot - Late 2000s
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The robot has been called EMILY. It is a robotic device short for ‘Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard’. It is enabled to swim through high riptides at a speed that goes up to 24 m.p.h.

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