Top 15 Online Games to Play in India

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India is one of the biggest platforms for online games. Indians enjoy a diverse range of gaming platforms amongst the players.

Top 15 Online Games to Play in India

1. 8 Ball Pool 

Source- Twitter

8 Ball Pool is a virtual pool game and is played 1v1 (1 versus 1). A player tries to insert all balls in the pockets. Both the players submit an equal amount at the start of the game and the player who wins the game gets all the virtual money in the end. 

2. Clash of Clans

Source- Twitter

Clash of Clans has millions of followers in India. Players have to build a clan of 50 people and fight with the other clan. For each game, a player wins gold and an elixir which can be used for improving defense and to train troops. 

3. Call of Duty 

Source- Sensor Tower

Call of Duty is legendary in the gaming world. When its mobile application was launched, Call of Duty dominated the whole gaming world. It provides multiplayer mode and the mobile version has similar and multiple features from the PC version. 

4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive 

Source- Youtube

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) is 19 years old. It is still one of the best-selling games on Steam. It is a team-based action game. CS GO features new maps, characters and game modes. 

5. Dota 2 

Source- Steam

Dota 2 is also a multi-player game. It is 5v5 (5 versus 5). Dota 2 is the biggest competitor of CS GO. Each player controls their hero and collects experience points so that their hero can defeat the opponent’s hero in player vs player. The game ends when a team destroys another team’s ancient, that is, a structure in their base. 

6. FIFA 20 

Source- EA

Football is a much loved game in India and so are football video games. FIFA 20 is the most popular football game in India. It has ultra-realistic graphics and a multi-player mode which makes it even more exciting to play. But the game may be slightly expensive if you want to buy world-class players for your team.  

7. PokerStars India 


PokerStars India is a popular brand in poker games. PokerStars has both the features of playing with online players and local players through its home game feature, which allows a player to create the poker club that puts them in charge of rejecting or accepting players into their club. 

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8. Ludo King 

Source- Gadgets Now

Ludo is a board game popular among Indians as a means of entertainment. The mobile application Ludo King has made the game even more popular. It allows players to play locally among themselves as well as with remotely located players. 

9. Asphalt 9

Source- Facebook

The Asphalt series is already famous for mobile racing games. The new addition to the series is Asphalt 9. It has better graphics and a wide range of supercars to choose from, Ferrari to Porsche, every option is available for the players. 

10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Source- The Verge

GTA San Andreas is the best in the series of GTA. Now it is available on mobile also. The mobile version of this classic game contains pretty much all the features of the PC version and will take you back to the old days. 

11. Minecraft 

Source- The Verge

Minecraft is another famous game among gamers. Its pixelated graphics give the retro vibes, but its crafting mechanics is still one of the best. With its mobile version, you can play with your partners on your phone. 

12. Among Us 

Source- Epic Games Store

Among Us came out of nowhere and dominated the whole gaming industry for a period of time. It is a pretty simple game, you play with a group of people and someone is an imposter. You have to guess the imposter while performing the given tasks. If you happen to be the imposter, you have to kill the other players and win the game.

13. PUBG Mobile 

Source- The Verge

PUBG was banned in India among other Chinese apps. But now the game is making a comeback as Battleground Mobile India. It has been trending since the announcement of the game’s launch. 

14. Garena Free Fire 


Garena Free fire is also a battle game. The main feature of this game is that it takes up less space. It can be easily installed on a device with average space.  So you do not have to worry about losing space or deleting other applications to install it. 

15. Candy Crush Saga

Source- The Verge

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that has been reigning over the gaming industry for a long time. It has loyal players all over the world. This game is quite popular, and interestingly, the players of this game are from different groups of age.

Who doesn’t like online games? In this digital world, where everything is available on the web, finding and playing games online has a different feel to it. Friends and acquaintances who are distant away from one another can now connect through online games and have a jolly good time. A group of friends in the same room can also have a fun time playing online games with each other. Moreover, people from different parts of the country or world can now bond over their shared interest in a particular online game.

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