Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit India

India is a very diverse country in terms of religion, culture, architecture, art and tourism. It has mountains and plains, beaches and backwaters, adventures and wildlife tours, isolated islands and overpopulated cities, local cuisines and drinks, religion and romance.

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit India

1. Historical Monuments

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India has been ruled by many rulers of different religions and civilizations and they have also been under British rule for a hundred years. These factors contribute to the monuments that have been built across the country. Each monument has its own significance and a story to tell. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Gateway of India, Charminar are some of the important monuments of India. The list of all historical places is endless!

2. Food

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India has a lot of different cuisines and every cuisine has a various number of dishes. Food occupies the majority of Indian tourism. The flavours and spices are so rich that you can’t resist the food. Every side of India specializes in a variety of ingredients and makes use of those in their dishes. The country has also Indianized other cuisines from all around the world.

3. Religion and Spirituality

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India is known for its variety of religions, traditions and customs. This is what makes India a fun place to visit. Every religion has its own festivals, fairs and fun. Spirituality runs in the veins of the Indian people. There are various rivers here that are known to wash away your sins. Many temples are built in the country and every one of them has a different architecture and interiors. The walls are well sculpted and idols are just fascinating.

4. Villages and Rural Settings

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The majority of India is still rural and developing. You can explore real cultures and traditions in these villages. Also, fun activities and fairs are conducted in every village. The people are very welcoming. You’ll be able to see how hard it is to lead a life in the village but they still manage to put a smile on their face.

5. Art and Architecture

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There are various forms of art and architecture that reside in the country. It is filled with forts, palaces, museums, religious places, ancient ruins, art galleries and much more. There are different forms of art and paintings in different parts of the country. Every art and every architectural piece has some story behind it which adds more significance to it.

6. Paradise for Nature Lovers

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There are still many underdeveloped settings in India which is full of flora and fauna. Even urban settings and cities have a dedicated place for nature. Kashmir, Ladakh and Kerala are the best places to visit if you want to explore nature. You will find varieties of trees, flowers, fruits, birds and animals.

7. Fairs and Festivals

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Due to the presence of so many religions, fairs and festivals are always lined up one after the other. Each and every festival is celebrated together which brings unity in people. Many tourists visit India just to visit their fairs and celebrate the festivals. There are fairs for entertainment, trade, religious and educational purposes.

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8. Royalty

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There are many palaces that still exist from the times of the princely rule. Nawabs and Mughals have ruled this place for many years. They have left their residences which have now become a tourist spot. You can enjoy royalty and luxury by staying in palace turned hotels and get pampered. You can also see the history of that particular place, palace and king.

9. Shopping

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There are various places and things to shop in India. You can buy traditional clothes, royally designed pieces of jewellery, shoes, ancient sculptures, books, showpieces and much more. You can get things for really cheap if you know the right place to shop. India has glamorous malls as well as hustling bazaars. You can shop according to your type, preference and budget.

10. Affordable

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As compared to other countries, India is a very affordable place for holidays and travelling. The food, the shopping stuff and the living expenses are pretty cheap- you just need to know the right places. There are options for extra fancy and super cheap- you can choose according to your budget.

11. Travelling Elements

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India is a dream for every traveller because it has beaches, mountains, backwaters, palaces, nature, wildlife, adventure, villages, cities, religion and culture. It basically has every element that a traveller needs in a place. You can spend days in India and still not get bored. It is so huge and so diverse. You can enjoy everything here- all in one place.

12. Friendly People

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Individuals in India are pretty welcoming and friendly. For them, guests are gods and they treat you with utmost hospitality. There is simplicity and smiling faces everywhere. You can rely on them in case of emergencies or if you need help.

13. Amazing Nightlife

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Nightlife has evolved in India from nothing to most happening. Entries come easy in pubs and bars if you know the trick. You can dance all night long and have the “time” of your life. you can also drink and eat in pubs. Cities in India actually come alive at night.

14. Performing Arts

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There is abundant talent in India. Indian classical dances, folk dances, theatres, dramas, classical songs, etc are some of the arts that you should witness. They will leave you shocked. Attend various fairs and festivals, you will get to see different performing arts everywhere.

15. You’ll Have Fun

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There is nothing that is not there in India. You can get food from every country and cuisine, try each and every adventure, explore animals and plants, visit temples, take a look back at history and most importantly it fits the budget. India is the most happening country that you’ll ever visit!

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