Top 15 Scrumptious Paneer Appetizers

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Paneer or Cottage Cheese is the perfect treat, especially for vegetarians. It’s an ideal ingredient to incorporate into various different kinds of cuisines. A must-have in the pantry when it comes to serving guests. Also when longing for an escape from the monotony of veggies. Here’s a list of the Top 15 Scrumptious Paneer Appetizers that are sure to please your eyes and taste buds! Check them out!

Top 15 Scrumptious Paneer Appetizers

1. Paneer Tikka 

paneer tikka
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Paneer Tikka is a Tandoori dish that tastes heavenly good! It has marinated Paneer or Cottage Cheese cubes. The cubes are placed in satay sticks for barbecue cooking in coal. It is served with barbecued bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and cottage cheese cubes, placed alternatively. 

2. Paneer Chili

paneer chili
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Paneer Chili is a Chinese cuisine appetizer. It is cooked in hot garlic and soy sauce, with green chillies, spring onions, and a black pepper flavour. You can find this dish in medium gravy or even dry form. Paneer Chili is a super delish and spicy treat that tastes exceptionally well, especially on a chilly evening. 😉

3. Paneer Pizza

paneer pizza
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Pizzas are usually loved by everyone! And what better way to celebrate Paneer, than to add it as a topping on your pizza. Paneer Pizzas are immensely delicious, and are available in quite a lot of different combinations, at your favourite Pizza place!

4. Paneer Grilled Sandwich 

Paneer Grilled Sandwich
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Vegetarian sandwiches are bound to have variations with the goodness of Paneer as well. Paneer Grilled Sandwich and Paneer Tikka Grilled Sandwich are two of the most sought after Paneer sandwiches. They usually have thick layers of spicy or barbecued Paneer slices, some salad, cheese and seasoning. Grilled to perfection, and ready to relish with a Chutney or dip. 

5. Paneer Pockets

paneer pockets
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Paneer pockets or puffs are either baked or fried. They are quick, on the go kinda appetizers. These taste really good even without any dip or sauce at the side. The stuffing inside is moist, having small Paneer cubes, green beans, carrots, corn, etc cooked in a light sauce. Best enjoyed steaming hot, freshly out of the oven, or the frying pan.

6. Paneer Croquettes

paneer croquettes
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Paneer Croquettes or nuggets are a part of deep-fried, exceedingly flavorful and delicious appetizers. Ideally, they have a crisp outer covering of potatoes. The inside has a soft, moist Paneer and cheese filling. Paneer croquettes make for a cool party appetizer or a tea time snack!

7. Paneer Cigar Rolls

paneer cigar rolls
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Another super scrumptious and melt in the mouth experience is by Cottage Cheese Cigars. A delightful blend of shredded Paneer, processed cheese and selected spices, with green chillies and fresh parsley. Covered with a thin spring roll sheet. It’s fried until golden on the outside and melting moist inside. Best served with a hot, spicy dip.

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8. Paneer Panini

paneer panini
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Panini is pretty similar to a sandwich. However, it usually has a thick slice of soft bread that is slit open midway. Stuffed with some filling and lightly grilled. It’s more of a fast-food thing and is loaded with cheese & herbs. Paneer Panini is an exotic appetizer having a barbecued Paneer stuffing.

9. Paneer Wrap

paneer wrap
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Paneer wrap (aka Kathi Roll) or Frankie is like an all-time Paneer Appetizer. A scrumptious Paneer mix is cooked with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, a few spices and of course, Paneer. The mix is wrapped inside a freshly cooked tortilla or Chapati. It’s ideal to have while travelling, or even in your lunch box!

10. Paneer Fritters 

paneer fritters
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Paneer Pakoda or Cottage Cheese fritters are an ideal tea time snack or a party starter! It is sort of a minimalist dish that is prepared with basic ingredients. Freshly made soft, creamy malai Paneer logs or dices, dipped in gram flour slurry and fried in hot oil until golden brown on the outside. This lip-smacking delight is ready to serve with a hot sauce.

11. Paneer Tikki

paneer tikki
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Paneer Tikki is a relatively lesser-known Paneer appetizer. It is like an Aloo Tikki, but with crumbled Paneer as well. It is mildly spicy and pretty tasty. Usually round in shape, and served hot with mint green chutney and some Kachumber (shredded salad) with lemon juice. A must-try if you haven’t already!

12. Paneer Bread Roll

paneer bread roll
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Paneer bread roll is made using a bread bun. The soft, fresh bread bun is slit open. Then a mix of Paneer & veggies cooked in a sauce is filled inside that bun. It is extremely delicious and tempting. You can usually find these at bakery stores. The combination of bland and flavourful works too well for this one.

13. Paneer Popcorn

paneer popcorn
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Paneer Popcorn is a really fun and interesting appetizer. It has these bite-sized Paneer cubes that are marinated in sour curd & spices. Then dipped in a mixed batter of refined, gram & cornflour (with spices). Further coated in breadcrumbs and finally fried until golden brown. Pretty awesome to have with ketchup or mayo.

14. Paneer Manchurian

paneer manchurian
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Paneer Manchurian is another Chinese delight that has Paneer cubes coated with refined flour deep fried beforehand. These are further cooked in a sweet & sour sauce with garlic, green chillies, spring onions, bell peppers, and onions. A pinch of black pepper powder and the steaming hot awesomeness is ready!

15. Paneer Burger

paneer burger
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Paneer Burgers are made using a patty or Tikki with Paneer as its core ingredient. The Tikki also includes some boiled potato, mixed veggies, ginger-garlic, cornstarch, a touch of milk, and assorted spices. The rich, wholesome and delicious Paneer Tikki is ready to get placed between your burger bun with some salad & sauce!

With something as versatile as Paneer, you can make tonnes of different appetizers such as Paneer Sizzlers, Paneer Cutlet or Spring Roll, Paneer lollipop, Thread Paneer, Paneer 65, Paneer Garlic Bread, Paneer Pasta and a lot more stuff as well! But these were the Top 15 Scrumptious Paneer Appetizers, that you can absolutely relish anytime, anywhere!

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