Top 15 Shows and Movies from the Other Side of the Border

Many people believe that art has no boundaries, so they give themselves the simple pleasure of watching and enjoying everything they want. The country on the other side of the border produces some really good shows that are worth a watch, and this was also proved when the shows received positive reviews from the audience here when they were telecasted on the television. For those who want to take a break from long never-ending dramas of Indian television and still want something that could be understood, should watch shows from that side of the border.

Top 15 Shows and Movies from the Other Side of the Border

1. Humsafar

source: just watch

Humsafar was one of the serials that were also telecasted in India, but for those who missed it, it’s available on Netflix. The story can be found clichéd but the acting and screenplay make it worth watching. You may fall in love with Ashar and Khirad and their tumultuous story of getting together and growing close then drifting apart only to come back closer. The drama introduced Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan to the Indian audience.

2. Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

zindagi gulzar hai
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The story of a head-strong and self-reliant girl Kashaf and a typical rich brat Zaroon. Former is too practical and may seem pessimist. What happens when they both meet is sheer bliss. The whole drama is a brilliant piece of art not made to be missed.

3. Aunn Zara

aunn zara
source: zee5

You may feel, that these series are always on the serious and clichéd emotional types but that’s not the case with this one here. Aunn Zara is a comical tale of two characters destined together. It’s refreshing to watch the chemistry and comic timing.

4. Mann Mayal

mann mayal
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This drama will make you weep for your lover, even if he/she is non-existent. A practical tale of two people in love but class apart. What happens, at last, is predictable but the journey should be witnessed. The brilliance of the actors and the screenplay and the way the story unfolds is worth watching at least once.

5. Bin Roye

bin roye
source: the national news

Bin Roye is also a love story but not the typical one. It’s the one in which the protagonist is not the sacrificial type. She curses when she doesn’t get what she believed was always hers. A story of love, longing, and repenting that you shouldn’t miss.

6. Udaari

source: tribune express

Udaari catches the theme of social wrongdoings happening in the society where it is set. It explores the life of a village girl and what happens when she is discovered by a group of high-class friends, along with parallel stories of unjust and child abuse.

7. Sammi

source: veryfilmi

Much like the one above, this also explores the ugly side of society and selfish families. The main story is about a girl whose life has never been in her hands and how she ends up in several hands deciding her path, none of which is due to her fault. It explores the lives of several people each suffering due to some or other unjust aspects of society.

8. Yakeen Ka Safar

yakeen ka safar
source: amazon

Based on a novel of the same name, it explores the life of Zubia who has witnessed the killing of her mother by the hands of her own father and Asfandyar, a happy-go-lucky guy with a perfect family and life. The lives of both get devastated by incidents scarring their lives. The journey of both the characters and the people around is the story and in simple words is great. The actors, the screenplay, the location everything is on point.

9. O Rangreza

o rangreza
source: veryfilmi

The story of a girl who worships her father and wants to be like him. What happens when she is acquainted with the other imperfect and hypocrite side of the father is the plot. A great lesson and story out there with some brilliant performances.

10. Cheekh

source: cherry cross

The story of a woman, standing against her own family and all of the society just to provide her deceased friend who was raped by her potential fiancé and the brother-in-law of the main protagonist. It gives an insight into the dysfunctional system and society and what it takes to stand against them all.

11. Aangan

source: brandsynario

This is a tale of Partition but from a family’s point of view. What happened when the partition divided a family? A tale that includes young love and a strong, loving and kind woman and many other characters, each bringing his own aspect but still in harmony with the whole plot.

12. Suno Chanda

suno chanda
source: reviewit

A comic story about a joint family in which two cousins who can’t stand each other are married as the last wish of the grandfather. Every character is bound to give you heaps of laughter. From some amazing Punjabi to some real side of being in a joint family. This one gives you a sense of fulfillment without any doubt.

13. Cake

source: scroll

It revolves around the story of three siblings now apart due to work. What happens when they get together for their ailing father and secrets begin to unravel themselves. The movie gives an insight into a dysfunctional family. A brilliant movie by Asim Abbasi, also available on Netflix.

14. Ho Mann Jahaan

ho mann jahaan
source: images dawn

A coming of age story about a group of friends who are trying to set their foot in the music industry. It’s about the challenges life throws at us when we begin to shed the cocoon and are presented to the world but with the right friends.

15. Laal Kabootar

laal kabootar
source: tribune express

This is simply a desi noir and the official entry to Oscars. The story is about the killing of a journalist whose wife tries to seek justice with the help of a taxi-driver. A gritty tale of how this entwines the different lives of a city that you should watch.

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