Top 15 Slang used by Gen-Z

The time is moving so fast that sometimes we think that we are lagging back, and in some cases, it seems to be the truth. The gen-zers are kids born between 2000 to 2010. They have a different attitudes toward the world and some of them may harm us but not all. they also have invented their own language or you can say acronyms to use in daily life. So here we will look at some words the gen-zers use.

Top 15 Slang used by Gen-Z

1. Clapback

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A brisk reply to a critical remark, mistreatment, or fault-finding. When somebody just insulted you and you’ve got an equally clever and funny insult for them, yep! that’s a clap back. But remember it has to be very- strong and well-observed. You insult them without even getting angry *extra points for you*. It’s basically a replacement of the word comeback which was previously used.

E.g. nosy neighbours: I heard you failed maths.

  You: well I heard you never graduated.

2. Shook

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Particularly just at the moment you are baffled and don’t have proper words to describe a situation, or what’s happening that’s when the word shook comes into action. It means that you’re so shocked, off the cuff, startled or petrified that you can’t speak properly you say ‘I am shook’ also applied when upset by an unpleasant experience.

E.g. teacher: today you have a surprise test

students: * shook *

3. Finesse

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skill in handling a highly sensitive situation; adroit and artful management; exceptionally diplomatic. It is* basically a super-power* where a person gets out or handles a situation like a professional without getting his hand muddy. It also means to make a profit off of someone by fooling them to buy something that is low quality or not real.

E.g.  everybody: this trigonometry’s homework is so hard I can’t submit it on the due date.

you: * completed my assignment and started playing PS4*

4. Lit

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Lit was used in previous times when something was on fire but now the Gen-Zers have given it a whole new meaning. The meaning that it has gained is that of “exciting” or “excellent”. If you think that it is the only meaning, then you are definitely wrong. The other meaning refers to when someone acts like he or she is another person on social media. Scary!! 

E.g. your friend: how am I looking

you: yes! That’s lit

5. Dope

It’s basic meaning is a situation, person or thing filled with greatness inside and out. Also used as an adjective to cool, excellent, awesome and great. People call you dope when you say something cool.

E.g.  she always says something dope to the teacher and the teacher can’t deny.

6. G.O.A.T

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G.O.A. T’s full form is greatest off all time. The unreservedly best at something. Some famous artist who are the Greatest of All Time in their field are called G.O.A.T  . Most often, this acronym praises exceptional athletes but also musicians and other public figures. It is mostly used in the hip hop industry.

E.g. Kobe Bryant passed away yesterday, he was The G.O.A.T in basketball.

7. Duh

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Duh is usually used when something is awfully obvious.  An ironic response to a question or statement, implying that the speaker is stupid. “duh” is usually used by people who are filled with all the wrong attitudes. “Duh” is usually very rude to use in a normal flowing conversation. So if you want to look down on somebody and he/she says something really obvious then you can use duh!

E.g. somebody: did you know Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin

you: duh!!*shrugs*

8. Gucci

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Gucci which also the name of a luxury brand is nowadays use by the gen-zers as a metaphor *if you will call it that way* as when referring to one being is OK, alright or fine. And just like lit it got an another meaning which means awesome or high-quality. This word was widely popular in streets but now gained the global level

E.g.: your brother: is everything fine?

You: yes, it’s Gucci.

9. Hype

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Hype is used when something really exciting happens. If someone texted you hyped So, it’s a positive thing. They are complimenting you on doing something really well. Hype. Hype is also used when a very small thing gets its ground or simply spreads like a wild fire but shouldn’t have. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertised as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it .

E.g. James Charles morphe palette is so hyped!

10. Low-key

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 Low-key usually means when a thing not exactly but kind of looks like it we use low-key. Low-key also means when someone or something that is relatively calm, placid or not full of excitement. When a person is called low-key that means he/she doesn’t get much angry! But when does brings the full wrath Lowkey can variously mean “quiet,” “restrained,” “moderate,” or “easy-going.” 

E.g. him: my father doesn’t get angry much

 you: so he is low-key?

11. On fleek

On fleek usually means something beyond perfection*if possible*. On fleek is often used to describe someone’s appearance, style or fashion, but can describe anything that’s “flawless,” 

E.g. her eyebrows were on fleek I don’t know if I can do that!

12. Sick

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If you think that sick means being ill, you have gotten on the wrong foot. Sick means when something is so cool and awesome that you would want to post it on the net.  sick which urban dictionary defines it as: “crazy; cool; insane”. It is used mainly by teen boys to show that they are cool.

E.g. that party was hella sick!

13. Stan

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If you ask me then I will say that a person or a group insanely in love with a boy band or any particular group, it can be anything ranging from animes to comic company’s. you can also describe them as very fanatic or even stalker. The staners go lengths to get in contact with their particular group or individuals. Some particulars group even give names to their Stan like BTS calls their fans army and Selena Gomez’s fans are called Selenators.

E.g. I am a very big marvel zombie

14. Dab

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This is not particularly a slang but was the most used word of 2016-2017. It is actually an action you do when you want to cool that you did something really greatly without any mistakes. Dabbing, or the dab is a simple dance move or gesture in which a person drops their head into the bent crook of a slanted, upwardly angled arm, while raising the opposite arm out straight in a parallel direction.

15. Tea/what ‘the tea/spill the tea

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As we in previous years used spill the beans if we wanted to hear some secrets but the gen-z has given this idiom their own twist so they call “spill the tea”. It also means what is the gossip around the corner or a very important information about someone. And if you want to know who spread it then it’s none other than our own Blair Waldorf of gossip girl.

E.g. best friend: I just got into the best college and you wouldn’t imagine how!

You: spill the tea girl!


if you are thinking that the above are the only words that Gen-Zers use then you are greatly mistaken. They use these types of words each day in every sentence whether or not they know the meaning or not. the above words are the most used ones that the Gen-Zers use regualrly with a miss. so what asre you waiting for go and use them as you want!

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