Top 15 Things to Learn From Your Pets

Isn’t the title very odd? I mean, we usually look up to famous personalities and try to learn from them to evolve in our lives. But have you ever stared at your pets for so long that you actually see how they live their lives? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we develop some qualities of pets within us? You might want to inherit a few after reading this.

Top 15 Things to Learn From Your Pets

1. Loyalty

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We have heard everyone saying, “If someone has to learn loyalty, learn it from a dog.” Right? It is very true. Loyalty is a symbol of trust in every relationship. It shows someone how much they mean to us. You can be loyal by supporting them, being around them, showing your love and care, and protecting each other. And pets teach us that. They do it so selflessly because they trust you. So why not learn that from them.

2. Being Thankful

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This is what every human needs to learn. In the race to being successful, we all forget this one quality of being thankful. When you learn being thankful, is the day when you learn the most important life lessons. Be it anything small, show your gratitude, and be thankful.

3. Responsibility

pet dog
source: the New York times

Pets teach us this but you can only learn your responsibility when you care for them. When you care for them, is when you start showing your responsibility. You feed them, you provide shelter, you take them to veterans, you provide them warmth. All these are little things that make you responsible.

4. Focus and Dedication

source: time magazine

Have you ever looked at your pet and saw their undivided attention when they are planning on something? Yes, that’s what we need. We, humans, have very less concentration power, and that we need to correct. Put your head and heart completely into something you want to achieve, all your attention and dedication to it and you’ll get to it.

5. Walking

source: passport health

Pets walk all the time. Like all the time. And humans find a way to sit all the time. You know walking is very important for a healthy heart. So learn this quality from your pets and start walking. You will soon have a healthy heart.

6. Friendship

source: the telegraph

There has been a research where they said that friendships are proven to make you live longer. Having good friends is very important. You know you can rely on and trust someone. So make friends that you know will support you till your last breath.

7. Smile

source: romper

Okay, not all pets show that they are smiling with their teeth shining. But in their case, it’s their tail wagging. They wag when they are happy. They wag when they have a friendly company. The same way you need to smile. Though you don’t have a tail. You do have your teeth right. Smile and spread happiness.

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8. Drinking Water

dog drinking water
source: holidog times

A human should drink an average of 3.7litres. And no we don’t drink so much. But our pets do teach us that. Drinking water improves your hydration and also here is a plus point. Drinking enough water will give you clear skin. So what are you waiting for? Go get a glass of water. And drink it while reading the rest of the article.

9. Playing

dog playing
source: the spruce pets

Pets are very very playful. You wake them up from their deep sleep and throw a ball at them, they just start playing with it. Humans sometimes tend to be lethargic. So being sportive and doing some physical activities are important. It keeps you active and fresh throughout the day.

10. Stretching

source: cdc

Ah, when I wrote this I remembered how my pet used to stretch. And the way it stretched made my body knots vanish. It does it so beautifully that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The more you stretch the more you become flexible, you will gain muscle strength, you will feel relaxed. So start stretching.

11. Being Curious

source: cnbc

Just like cats show their curiosity about something, we need to do the same. But not to hunt down. Research says that being curious expands your knowledge and makes you more open in your life. You will experience your life more when you are open-minded.

12. Know to Live the Moment

living in the moment
source: business insider

Never hold anything back in your life. No grudges. No extra thoughts. No worries. The more you let go of these things, the more you’ll be happy. Our pets always live in the moment. At least that is what we think. Because it is difficult to go in their head. But we do observe and learn. So remember- Hakuna Matata.

13. Sleeping

sleeping cat
source: reader’s digest

This is our personal favorite. We need not learn to sleep. But we need to know the right amount of sleep. Having at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day is a must. We learn this, especially from a cat. If you are sleeping, sleep like a cat. They master that skill. Sleeping fights anxiety, depression, reduces stress and keeps you fresh.

14. Let Go of your Fears

pet dog
ource: healthline

When you hold onto your fears you never get over them. Try making yourself go through it once, only then you can let go of it. Pets fight their own fears. Be it fighting with the enemy fellow or be it walking fearlessly in the night they do it all. The same way you need to do it.

15. Love Unconditionally

love unconditionally
source: mathrubhumi english

I can’t just stop stressing on this point more. Love is a very strong word and also a strong feeling. When you love someone you make them feel that they are your own. Pets do it without asking anything in return or any expectations. In the same way, learn to love guys. The more you spread love the more you’ll see this world being the happiest place ever.

So, have you learned all these qualities? Which one quality you think is the most important out of all? Let me know in the comment section.

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