Top 15 Thriller Novels By Indian Authors

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Reading novels is one of the best things to do during this pandemic. Among all novels, Thriller Novels are the best for the mind to work productively plus this is the genre that is loved by almost everyone, covering almost every age group. So we are back with the freshly bruited list of

Top 15 Thriller Novels By Indian Authors

1. Keepers Of the Kalachakra

keepers of the kalachakra
source: amazon

This latest from the one and only Ashwin Sanghi is the cover of almost all genres. Also, this book covers all the major events that happened in humankind mostly from the Indian perspective. Every new chapter of this mind-blowing novel is jaw-dropping. If you are looking for an answer to how is everything connected then this novel is for you.

2. No Trespassing

no trespassing
source: amazon

No Trespassing is a Fictional Novel by Brinda S. Narayan on the genre Crime-Thriller and Mystery. This book was published in April 2019 and since then it has been an attraction because of its nail-biting storyline and outstanding climax. This once in a while intriguing theme novel is a must-read.

3. Birth Of Duo

birth of duo
source: amazon

Chandrayan Gupta is the author of this crime fictional, detective based novel. The story of this novel is edgy and fast-paced. Although it was a short read, it’s plot surroundings leave you to stretch your brain cells like an investigator.

4. Dharma

source: bookgeeks

Vee Kumari’s Cryptic mystery novel wrapped with outstanding mythology touch is one of my personal favorites on the list. If you are a mythology lover then this book is for you.

5. More Bodies Will Fall

more bodies will fall
source: amazon

More bodies will fall is an upcoming age thriller novel and the latest on the series of Detective Arjun Arora by Ankush Saikia. The plot of the novel revolves around a girl’s murder in the capital city of India and her boyfriend was being the prime suspect. As the story continues we see a lot more than just a murder.

6. A Rising Man

a rising man
source: amazon

Written by Abir Mukherjee and a 2014 “Telegraph Harvill Secker Crime Writing Prize” winner, A Rising Man is a Murder Mystery, thriller novel. The plot revolves around the murder of a British Official and former detective, Captain Sam Wyndham.

7. Killing Ashish Karve

killing ashish karve
source: amazon

In this journey of straightforward suicide case of a local businessman Ashish Karve to the complicated Murder mystery, this novel by Salil Desai will definitely give you some spine-chilling experience.

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8. The Krishna Key

the krishna key
source: amazon

This nail-biting eight-year-old thriller novel by Ashwin Sanghi is not just a novel about the murder mystery, it talks about the history of humankind, mythology, the beginning of everything. The author really did some skilled research and poured a perfect combination for us.

9. Sacred Games

sacred games
source: amazon

No doubt we all loved Netflix India’s web series adaptation from the same name but in the novel, Author Vikram Chandra talks about so many things in a thousand pages that a two-season of a web series can not pour it. The only con of this novel is it is time-consuming.

10. The Widows of Malabar Hills

the widows of malabar hills
source: goodreads

This novel by Sujata Massey is indigenously known as A Murder On Malabar Hills. The story of this novel revolves around the first female lawyer of India in the 1920s. To know her intelligence and sense of detective cum lawyer approach to solving the murder mystery and saving the widow you have to read this fresh novel.

11. Spy In Amber

spy in amber
source: amazon

Spy in Amber by Manohar Malgonkar was published in 1971 and the plot was set up at the time of Indo-China war tension. The story of the novel revolves around the invasion of China into the land of the hidden treasure of the Ragyabas monastery.

12. Byomkesh Bakshi Series

Byomkesh Bakshi series
source: amazon

This Bengali “Sherlock Holmes” detective fictional Character needs no introduction. This classic cult is a must-read plus read this classic cult series to know the potential of our writers and their fictional characters.

13. Murder In a Minute

murder in a minute
source: free press journal

Murder in a Minute by Shouvik Bhattacharya is again a Murder mystery in the list but this time, not a police officer, not a detective, but the victim’s close ones tried to solve the murder mystery.

14. Marry Me, Stranger

marry me, stranger
source: goodreads

The plot of the novel revolves around an obsessed person following a girl all around and watching her all the time. Maybe you will get some Netflix series “You” vibes from this novel but first read and wait for the climax.

15. The Complete Adventures of Feluda

The Complete Adventures of Feluda
source: exotic india art

This Character of Satyajit Ray’s universe appeared in as many as thirty-five novels of mystery, crime-thriller, murder, adventure. All these stories are short and worth reading. The humorous and intelligent character will surely keep you engaged.

To cover this topic ‘Top 15 Indian Thriller Novels’, we tried to make a list including all the relevant genres such as murder, thriller, mystery, mythology, history, adventure fictional and non-fictional novels on the basis of the number of sold copies and readers review.

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