Top 15 Traits of a Narcissist

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NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a rare psychological disorder most prevalent in the age between 19 and 40. Men are more likely to be narcissists. Narcissists are people who have an extreme sense of self-entitlement and have an inflated self-image.

Here are the top 15 traits of a narcissist:

1. Self-Obsessed

Self-obsessed, Narcissists
source- my boundless thoughts

Self-obsession should not be confused with self-love. Self-love is a positive feeling, and everyone should love themselves. On the other hand, self-obsession can be detrimental as self-obsessed people consider themselves above everyone else.

2. Lack of Empathy

Lacks Empathy.
source- stephen zarick

Narcissists can never understand the feelings of others. They hurt people’s sentiments and act as if nothing happened. Suppose you made a cake or cookie for someone, and instead of appreciating your efforts, they start suggesting how you could have made it better- how would that make you feel?

3. Hypersensitive

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They can’t tolerate even the slightest criticism. They need constant admiration and praise. They take things personally and will get defensive most of the time. They simply can’t let go of things. Narcissists want everyone around them to agree with them. Otherwise, they get easily offended.

4. Exaggeration

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Narcissists have the habit of exaggerating even the smallest achievement in their lives. They boast about their talents and belongings, and never miss a chance to do so, or to demean others.

5. Envy

Envies Others.
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They can’t see anyone rising above them in academics, workplace or any competition. They are jealous of confident and popular people who have something that the narcissists lack.

6. Exploitative

source- ravishly

Narcissists are selfish, condescending and manipulative. They make friends solely for their advantage and do not hesitate to push people out of their lives who are of no use to them. Narcissists want their friends to feel lucky to have them in their lives, and want them to acknowledge everything they say or do.

7. Ruins Relationship

source- medium

A relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding. A narcissist tends to dominate their partner in every possible manner. They want things to be done their way and want their partner to follow them no matter what. If the partner denies or disagrees, the narcissist can cross any limits including inflicting violence and abuse.

8. Lives in Illusion

Lives In Illusion.
source- quora

Narcissists create their own fantasy world and think the whole world is confined to their thoughts and beliefs. They have an escapist attitude. They run away from the harsh realities of life and their own weaknesses, and never take the initiative to accept them.

9. Never Guilty

source- medium

They won’t ever accept their mistakes. Playing the blame game seems to be their skill. They can go to any extent to prove themselves innocent and project the other person as guilty.

10. Full of Rage

Full of Rage.
source- medium

They get intensely angry if they fail to accomplish their desires. They want to control everyone and everything, and if failed to do so, they lose their temper. They get frustrated and irritated when someone cannot understand them. They can even hurt others emotionally and physically.

11. Grandiosity

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Narcissists have an unrealistic sense of superiority. They think the world revolves around them and there’s nothing in the world that’s not accessible to them. They want to speak, keep their views and opinions in front of others without considering what others have to say.

12. Depression

source- success tms

Narcissists are prone to depression. Fear of failure, sense of anxiety, jealousy, rage, etc. can lead to a feeling of emptiness and can even provoke suicidal thoughts. NPD may even lead to other health issues if not checked.

13. Holds Grudges

Holds Grudges.
source- shared

They hold grudges for a long time because of their egoistic behaviour. They might not react in the moment they’re being criticized, but they will do everything possible for revenge, even if others convey positive criticisms to them.

14. Seductive Image

Seductive Image.
source- psychology today

A narcissist might appear very appealing and charismatic. But actually, that’s not the case. They will do everything to flatter their image just to draw people’s attention. You will initially find them attractive, but you will come to know the reality with time.

15. Stubbornness

source- country living magazine

Narcissists resist change. They consider themselves perfectionists and resist any kind of change, be it in their lifestyle or behavior. They are never ready for change even if it proves to be beneficial to them.

Dealing with a narcissist could get really tiring and it could also affect one’s state of mind. Keep the above points in mind so that you will know the signs of a narcissist in order to stay away from them, or if you happen to know a narcissist in your life, you could get them checked by a professional. 

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