Top 15 Ways To Become Self-reliant

We, humans, are social beings. We can’t live in isolation. We depend on our society for our basic needs. Becoming self-reliant doesn’t mean cutting off from everybody around you. Being physically fit, mentally, and emotionally strong, financially stable, having the ability to think and act wisely in any situation, and completing your task yourself without anyone’s help are all aspects of self-reliance. Here are some points that might help you to become self-reliant.

Top 15 Ways To Become Self-reliant

1. Self-Love

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Loving and accepting yourself as you are in the first and foremost step to become self-reliant. Stop being insecure about your looks or doubting your capabilities. How can you expect others to like you when you yourself don’t? Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you make and treat yourself with kindness.

2. Positive Self-talk

positive self love
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Talking to the self might sound insane but it can be of great help. No one knows you and your abilities better than you. Rather than flooding your mind with hatred, jealousy, complaints or any negative thought, talk to yourself positively about your goals and your talent. It will help you build high self-esteem.

3. Saying No

If you are the kind of person who is always available for everyone and everything, you really need to think. It’s of no good to keep your important works aside just for the sake of your friends or family or that special person. You should prioritize things and say no to unnecessities.

4. Upgrading Everyday

Upgrading Everyday
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In this world full of competition, you either have to be very talented or you will have to work very hard to thrive. If you have the habit of reading, try to read one extra page every day, if you exercise daily, try one more sit up daily, if you are learning to dance, learn one extra step per day. Those 2 to 5 extra minutes that you will spend every day on your skills will yield much more than you could imagine.

5. Pushing Back Negativity

power of positivity
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There are some people who can never see your success and always try to pull you down. They always belittle you for whatever you do and just can’t see you happy. They will always say you can’t do this or this isn’t your cup of tea. Stay away from them and don’t ever take them seriously. Never let any negative thought affect your mental stability.

6. Daily Small Goals

daily small goals
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Who doesn’t want to achieve something great in life? We all have a dream but are we really working for it? APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep.” It’s the small steps you take every single day that actually count so before going to bed, prepare a to-do list and jot down whatever you’ll be doing the next day.

7. Honesty

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Be honest with yourself and everyone. You must have been in a situation where you might have lied to someone and then for hiding that one lie, you might have said tons of lies. This decreases your self-confidence and you are left with a sense of discomfort because deep within, you know that it isn’t right.

8. Listening To Your Conscience

 Listening To Your Conscience
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Conscience is the inner voice within you that helps you discriminate between the right and the wrong. Whenever you are about to do something that isn’t good or something that isn’t justified, your conscience compels you not to do it. Never ignore your inner voice, listen to it, consider it and then only make important decisions in life.

9. Staying Fit

Staying Fit
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Doing yoga or exercising daily and eating healthy are the key factors to stay fit. There are hundreds of benefits of staying fit. Meditation will help you stay mentally fit and keep you calm so that you can think and act better. When you exercise,  your body releases endorphins which trigger positive feelings in the body and helps you to keep away from stress which will ultimately aid in productivity.

10. Learning From Failures

Learning From Failures
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Failures are a part of life. Never get disheartened by your failures because you get to learn a lot from them. Thomas Alva Edison failed a thousand times before the invention of the light bulb. It’s not the failure that matters, what matters is whether you get up and fight again to succeed or not.

11. Stop Expecting

Stop Expecting
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The outcome of your actions depends on the efforts you put. Expecting more than the hard work you have put on anything might give you temporary pleasure but in the end, you will suffer. When you just do your work sincerely without any expectation, the results will surprise you and you will feel content.

12. Self-control

You can achieve any heights with self-control and discipline. Very few people among us can resist temptations and they can master any art. We know eating junk foods, consuming alcohol, smoking, watching porn, spending hours playing video games, etc. are going to do no good in the long run but we surrender to these temptations. Stop being affected by what others say about you. You should have full control over yourself rather than being in control of any person or any situation.

13. Self-exploration

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Self-exploration means knowing yourself fully, your capabilities, your likes and dislikes, your beliefs, your goals, your passion, what you want to be in the future, what kind of life you want to live and so much more about yourself. Knowing yourself so much better will help you become self-reliant.

14. Develop Financial Literacy

Learn about budgeting, saving, investing, and managing money wisely. Understand your financial situation and work towards financial independence.

15. Acquire Practical Skills

Learn skills such as cooking, gardening, basic home repairs, sewing, and car maintenance. These skills empower you to handle everyday tasks and reduce dependence on others.

By incorporating these strategies into your life, you can cultivate self-reliance and become more capable, confident, and empowered to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities on your own terms.

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