Top 15 Ways To Stay Optimistic

Whether we believe it or not, our thoughts run our lives. Still, most of us tend to fall prey to negative thinking, because we are conditioned to be easily affected by the reality we’re currently facing. It’s important to realize that to change our current reality, we first need to change our thinking. We need to stay optimistic about our lives.

Optimism is the way towards a more satisfying reality. It has proven scientific evidence for better sleep, better health, and thus, a better life. Positivity is like a muscle you need to work on, every single day. So check out these Top 15 ways to stay optimistic!

Top 15 Ways To Stay Optimistic

1. Start Your Day With A Good Mood

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As the saying goes, “Well begun is half done,” This is exactly what comes into play in terms of beginning a new day. Most of us are too caught up around the hustle & bustle of our work lives to even sleep peacefully, or wake up happily. However, a fresh start needs a fresh mindset, and a good mood sets the tone for a positive day ahead.

2. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude
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As much as complaining about issues seems to be justified, it doesn’t really help. In fact, it distracts us from the magnitude of the blessings we have. The fact that we exist, have roofs over our heads, and have access to clean food & water is something SO many are deprived of. We should learn to be grateful. It is the key to attract more things to be grateful for, and become an optimistic person.

3. Be More Organized

Be More Organized
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A messy or unorganized lifestyle is the root cause of unwanted stress and a lack of productivity. Which is why it’s important to have a schedule for things that have to be done daily. It saves a lot of time and hassle, thus preventing you from getting into a negative state of mind. To stay organized is to stay optimistic!

4. Keep A Check On Your Social Media

Keep A Check On Your Social Media
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The extent to which social media has made itself a part of our lives is immense. We’ve become conditioned to check these apps time and again and consume the content on our feeds (Hint: It’s called feed for a reason; you legit feed that stuff to your mind). It is important to follow the right kind of profiles and pages, so as to absorb positivity from the source, instead of just mixed vibrations.

5. Spend Some Quiet Time Every Single Day

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When we speak, we verbalize the thoughts in our heads. But when we do not speak and are silent, we get to listen, reflect, and understand. Being quiet has a lot of depth in it, but for the most part, it will help you to be more reflective and contemplate your own thoughts; which dictate the quality of your life.

6. Follow The 5 by 5 Rule

Follow The 5 by 5 Rule
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When it comes to situations in which we tend to overthink and let negativity creep in; it’s time to follow this rule or Mantra to escape a vicious cycle as such. The renowned 5 by 5 rule is: “If it’s not gonna matter in 5 years, don’t spend 5 more minutes thinking or being upset about it”.

7. Spend Time With Nature

Spend Time With Nature
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Everything is energy. And nature happens to be highly powerful in terms of raising our vibration. Be it watching sunrises or sunsets, a stroll around greenery, or simply being under the bare sky to witness its beauty; nature’s unbounded aura & vastness is capable of calming us & absorbing the pessimism in us, in more ways than one.

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8. Do Something You Absolutely LOVE

Do Something You Absolutely LOVE
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Every one of us is privileged enough to have something we absolutely love. It could be listening to music, being with our pets, reading a book, watching an artist, writing poetry, gardening, singing, painting, playing music, etc. Anything! But, something. What makes us detach from our current reality for a while and makes us immerse in the process of that something. No matter what, make that a part of your day and be ready for massive changes.

9. Listen To Optimistic Podcasts Or Audiobooks

 Listen To Optimistic Podcasts Or Audiobooks
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Our busy lifestyles hardly give us time to sit back and read books, at times. But listening to uplifting content is what can, and should be done while getting ready or traveling. It’s a simple and effective way to get the mind on the right track, at dawn or dusk.

10. Pray Daily

Pray Daily
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Prayer is not just restricted to religion. It involves acknowledging what already exists, giving thanks for it; and asking the universe to nurture its beings with all they need and wish for. It is an extremely powerful exercise that acts as a connection between us & the higher self and instils faith like none other.

11. Write Or Say Affirmations

Write Or Say Affirmations
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Affirmations are uplifting, positive statements in the present tense, and “I”. “I am worthy,” “I am capable,” “I am beautiful,” are some instances of positive affirmations that don’t just encourage positive thinking, but also lead to real, physical manifestations from mind to matter.

12. Reward Yourself For Your Smallest Accomplishments

Reward Yourself For Your Smallest Accomplishments
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Successfully completed some work before time? Had a great workout session? Managed to help someone with something you’re good at? Whatever it may be, if you’re even the slightest proud of yourself for something YOU did, you should reward yourself. Maybe with your favorite ice cream, or a small gift from you, to you; as a token of self-appreciation.

13. Get Rid Of Clutter

Get Rid Of Clutter
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Remove clutter from every possible area of your life: your home, bedroom, kitchen, workspace, and even your mind! Getting the dirt, unwanted stuff, & thoughts out will clear out negativity, and allow better stuff & thoughts to make room; apart from making you feel 100 times better about yourself and things around you.

14. Learn To Forgive Every Single Night

Learn To Forgive Every Single Night
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“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis.B.Smedes.

Making peace with circumstances, places, and forgiving people; And learning the art of letting go is the way to be. It’s also about learning to forgive yourself every single night. Resentment weighs you down, and forgiveness lifts you higher. And the good news is that YOU get to CHOOSE.

15. There’s Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There's Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel
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Even if you’re going through the hardest times of your life, you gotta know and understand one thing. And it’s the fact that there’s always, always, always light at the end of the tunnel. Things happen for a reason, and everything that happens to us makes sense. It’s all about believing: crazily, sincerely, or just plain belief in the good. Things always work out, that too for the better.

Life is too short to be spent in pessimism. It’s a one time opportunity, that we all should try to make the most of. And a positive mindset is sure to be the much-needed catalyst for us to sail through this journey, in a far more pleasing way. Make sure you promise yourself today to stay optimistic and lead a more fulfilling life.

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Penaaz Valecha
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