Top 15 Weirdest Themed Restaurants In The World

We all enjoy a delicious meal in a good restaurant, but most of the restaurants we go to are the same more or less. But there are many weirdest themed restaurants that you haven’t heard of. Here are the top 15 of them so you can decide whether you would dine there or they are too weird for your taste.

Top 15 Weirdest Themed Restaurants In The World

1. The Magic Restroom Cafe

Weirdest-Themed Restaurants
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The magic restaurant cafe situated in the city of California has a weird theme- toilets. You read that right! Here the food that is served looks like stuff that belongs in the bathroom and is actually served in toilet bowls. How’s your appetite now?

2. Robot Restaurant

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Robot restaurant situated in the city of Tokyo, japan runs on the theme of robots. Here you will get served by robots, attended by robots, and you will eat off the dishes that look high-tech. Japan never fails to amaze, does it! It has that neon-hued chaotic way about it that tourists love.

 3. The Trailer Park Lounge

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This restaurant located in Manhattan, New York City, has that Americana theme to it. Tourists go there to have a taste of the local food and culture. It is beautifully decorated with flourishes added to it.  It is in itself a unique restaurant like no other.

4. Hospitalis

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This restaurant, though now closed, is still a name that comes up when the weirdest-themed restaurant is discussed. This restaurant used to run on the theme of hospitals. Here waitresses dressed as nurses would put you in straitjackets and feed you. Delightful! Though it was closed because of slow business, huh, I wonder why!

5. The Lockup

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The lockup located in Taiwan has a theme of lockup. Here food and drinks are served in vials. If you want to see the lockup(if you haven’t seen it already, that is), but with better food, here you go!

6. The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant

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Hello Kitty is everywhere! The theme of this restaurant in Beijing, China, is the hello kitty franchise. Here, food is served in the shape of cartoon kittens, and the whole interior and decor are influenced by the theme, which means you will see a lot of pink and white kittens.

7. The Airplane Restaurant

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Do you too want to have a meal inside a plane-themed restaurant? If yes, you have to go to Colorado Springs, where a whole restaurant is built inside a converted Boeing KC-97. The food served here is better than the food of an actual flight, and you will enjoy it.

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8. The Ninja Restaurant

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The ninja restaurant of Manhattan, New York City, the only place where you will get served by ninjas, well not actual ninjas, just the staff in ninja costume but still ninjas.  Those ninjas will jump out of nooks to scare you but don’t run; the food here is great! And ninjas love to prank.

9. The H. R. Giger Bar

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This bar is attached to the famous museum of the same name situated in Gruyeres, Switzerland. The museum is dedicated to the Swiss artist and sculptor, and thus, the bar is set to the theme. It is designed to look like an art collection. However, it is a bar and not a restaurant; who wouldn’t want to drink in a bar that looks like a museum.

10. Heart Attack Grill

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This restaurant in las vegas, Nevada, is themed- obesity and heart disease. What an interesting theme for a restaurant. The details of this restaurant may be disturbing, so we will skip them and enjoy your food in one of the most uniquely themed restaurants in the world.

 11. Buns and Guns

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This restaurant, located in Beirut, Lebanon, has the theme of war. The whole place is decorated with militaristic motifs and gun sounds. (Recorded). Enjoy your meal amidst the chaos of war, and trying not to pee your pants when the sudden bursts of the machine gun attack your ears.

 12. The Disaster Cafe

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This restaurant in Lloret de Mar, Spain, is powered by fear. This restaurant shakes with the force of an earthquake simulated artificially. You are being warned only the brave hearts get to eat here!

Try eating your ordered food while the whole table is shaking! Yes, good luck with that.

13. Opaque

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This restaurant situated in LA leads people into pitch-black dining rooms to serve them food that they can’t possibly see. The theme is darkness. If you don’t like eating in front of people but have to socialize, suggest this restaurant next time.

14. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

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Do you like nature? Do you like eating in nature? I the pollution making it hard for you to enjoy yourself? If yes, then maybe you should visit this restaurant in the Philippines next time. It is located in the arms of a flowing waterfall. You don’t have to wear shoes or sandals because the surface is full of water and it acts as a cooling system, so no AC.

15. Underwater Restaurant

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Here in this restaurant, situated in the Maldives, you can wine and dine our date underwater. You will get your meal served 5.8 meters under the sea. This place is a huge attraction, so get your place booked in advance.

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