Anushka Jha

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Top 15 Ways To Reduce Plastic Use In Daily Life

Plastic is a common household commodity and found almost everywhere. These non-degradable plastic possesses a serious threat to the environment and needs to be dealt with carefully. Almost every piece of plastic that has ever...



Top 15 Common Dreams That You Might Relate To

TOP 15 COMMON DREAMS THAT YOU MIGHT RELATE TO When we sleep, our minds turn on a weird switch into the magical world...

Top 15 Facts About Buddhism That Will Astonish You

Buddhism is one of the most important practices in the world. The word itself speaks tranquillity and calmness. Buddhism is believed to be the...

Top 15 Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat This summer

With the temperature continuously rising there definitely needs to be some hack that will give relief to the parching throats this summer. Here are...

Top 15 Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

When you are broke and also a travel enthusiast, it is very difficult to survive. If you are someone who likes backpacking every two...

Top 15 Ways To Deal With Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by a constant sad mood, loss of interest in doing everyday activities, changes in sleep pattern,...

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