Top 15 Ways To Reduce Plastic Use In Daily Life

Plastic is a common household commodity and is found almost everywhere. These non-degradable plastic possesses a serious threat to the environment and needs to be dealt with carefully. Almost every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists today. How scary is that? Let’s look at the top 15 ways to reduce plastic use in daily life.

Top 15 Ways To Reduce Plastic Use In Daily Life

1. Bring Your Own Coffee Cups

Top 15 Ways To Reduce Plastic Use In Daily Life - Bring your own coffee cups
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Just imagine the amount of coffee and teacup we dispose of and throw every time we take coffee from Starbucks costa or CCD. The lids of these cups are nothing but plastic. Let’s make it a point of carrying our coffee mug with lids for every time you visit. Also, some of these places offer discounts when you carry your own cups.

2. Avoid Packaged Produce

Avoid packaged produce
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Buy loose fruit and veg from supermarkets and grocers and meat, fish from butchers. It is often cheaper and healthy than eating frozen and processed meat or vegetables.

3. Always Carry Shopping Bags

Always Carry shopping bags
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Use bags that are made from durable natural fabrics such as jute, canvas, or cotton or even strong paper. Some reusable bags, for example, nylon fold-ups contain some plastic. All products have a carbon footprint, yet they are still superior in terms of reducing plastic waste.

4. Say No To Plastic Straws

Say no to plastic straws
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Straws are regarded as one of the most wasteful plastic products, only in the USA, more than 170 billion plastic straws are discarded every year imagine what is the number in the world. So next time say no to that plastic straw and also we can buy steel reusable straws instead.

5. Invest In Reusable Drinking Bottles

Invest in reusable drinking bottles
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One of the world’s most discarded items is plastic bottles. Globally, to stop contributing to this plastic pile-up don’t buy from drink brands as they produce the greatest number, and use reusable bottles made from stainless steel, silicone, or recycled plastic. Always try to refill your own bottle rather than buying a water bottle every time.

6. Drink Loose Tea

Drink loose tea
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When we drink from tea from a tea bag, it is mostly made of plastic so try to use loose tea boxes rather than using a tea bag every time.

7. Carry Your Own Utensils

Carry your own utensils
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It might sound strange at first, but carrying a personal set of utensils will spare you from using disposable forks and knives. We can always carry spoons and forks at least so we don’t have to use the plastic ones.

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8. When Ordering Food, Request No Plastic Packaging

 When ordering food, request no plastic packaging
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While ordering food at home, make sure you ask them not to send the plastic spoons and plates as we are at home we can use our own utensils.

9. Cut Down On Plastic-bottled Beverages

Cut down on plastic-bottled beverages
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Try to give up the occasional soda, juice, or other drinks that come in a plastic bottle. Also, they are not very healthy we can cut down that sugar now and then.

 10. “Paper Or Plastic?”

"Paper or plastic?"
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While shopping for things, if you have to get a package, always choose paper over plastic. It is a more sustainable option.

11. Use A Razor That Requires Replacing Of The Blades

Use a razor that requires replacing of the blades
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Start using reusable razors. If not using one already that will also save you a lot of money rather than using and throwing away the razors. We can just keep changing the blades.

12. Try To Use A Bamboo Toothbrush

Try to use a bamboo toothbrush
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The market for these products is growing the bristles are still synthetic fibers but we can still avoid the plastic toothbrush body.

13. Choose Products In Glass Or Cans If They Are An Option

Choose products in glass or cans if they are an option, recycle those materials
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Glass and aluminum cans are much more likely to be recycled. Glass is most efficient when reused (i.e. with returnable milk bottles), so while buying food products choose ones in glass or cans, which can be used again for keeping other ingredients.

14. Swap Out Tampons And Sanitary Napkins To Menstrual Cups

 Swap out tampons and sanitary napkins to menstrual cups
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If you haven’t tried a menstrual cup you might give it a shot, it is a money saver and we will be saying no to so much plastic that way.

15. Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up
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In the end, don’t give up a little change is change too. Let’s just all get together and work for our planet and our environment.

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