Geetika and I am from Jalandhar, Punjab. I finished my secondary school education from Dips School. Presently I am doing ( Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality) from Lovely Professional University.

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Top 15 Beauty hacks which can be used on a daily basis

1. For higher grip, flip the hairgrip over that the wavy aspect is against your head On the off chance that you experience considerable difficulties keeping your bobby pins set up, have a go at flipping...

Top 15 Corners of the World which are yet to be Discover

There aren't various undiscover areas left on the planet. Voyagers have scaled the world's tallest mountains and taken precedents from Antarctica's most significant subglacial lakes. You can visit remote, brilliant locale like the...

Top 15 Weird Libraries to Visit Around The World

While envisioning libraries, a tranquil, peaceful, all around lit, and clean environment will consequently fly out in your mind. Be that as it may, the rundown of libraries you're going to see is completely out...

Top 15 Indian Dishes Every Food Enthusiast Must Try!

1. Misal Pav This Maharashtrian enchant comprises of grew moth beans cooked in some fiery sauce peppered with coriander, onions, tomatoes and some crunchy farsan. In...

Top 15 Reasons To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise Ben Franklin 1. Get A Head Start Waking up early in the morning gives you a head start to a new day....


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Top 15 Mysterious Murders: Celebs and Common People

These are some real life murder mysteries which can be a plot of a Hollywood movie, the difference here is just that here victims...

Top 15 Easily Available Ingredients That Work Wonders On Your Skin

Every person wants to achieve flawless skin. The complexion of the skin doesn't matter because every complexion is equally beautiful. But what matters is...

Top 15 Must-Read Historical Fiction Books

History can be a pretty boring subject, but there is no denying it that it is immensely interesting. Just the method of textbooks and...

Top 15 Unknown Facts About Larry Page

Larry Page is a great, successful human who developed Google. He developed this along with his friend Sergey Brin. He is one of the...

Top 15 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Facts You Should Know

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is undoubtedly is one of the most loved TV series ever. Even after, almost 30 years since the 1st episode aired, it is...

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