Top 15 Beauty hacks which can be used on a daily basis

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Here some are of the beauty hacks that can be used in daily life. These are some of the beauty hacks which can be applied on a daily basis.

Top 15 Beauty hacks which can be used on a daily basis

1. For higher grip, flip the hairgrip over that the wavy aspect is against your head

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On the off chance that you experience considerable difficulties keeping your bobby pins set up, have a go at flipping the stick over. The straight side is slicker and won’t grasp just as the wavy, increasingly finished side.

2. Using Vaseline as a highlighter

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Love utilizing highlighter yet for day look you don’t need that blinding feature. Simply spot Vaseline on high purposes of your face. This will fill in as an unobtrusive highlighter.

3. Use of Broken Eyeshadow

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Try not to discard your broken eyeshadow. Rather, blend it with oil jam and use it as a lip shade.

4. Use Scotch tape for a perfect winged liner

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If you are someone like me who cannot get the perfect winged liner then the scotch tape will be your saviour. This will make your work easier.

5. Use of white eye pencil

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To make your little eyes look larger and additional opened, use white or nude war paint on your water line.

6. Make your nail paint dry quicker by soaking your nails in drinking water when painting them.

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Fill a bowl with ice and water, and put your nails for a couple of minutes subsequent to painting them. The cold water will set and it help your nails dry quicker.

7. Use of Concealer

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This shape covers dark circles as well as immediately makes the fantasy that your face is lifted.

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8. Fix foundation stains with a bit little bit of lather

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On the off chance that you remove your shirt and incidentally remove your cosmetics on the neckline, simply wipe a bit of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before hurling it in the clothes washer.

9. Use cold tea leaf baggage to decrease lump beneath your eyes

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The best technique to de-puffing and fixing your under-eye skin is to use a cool, caffeine-based item, just like 2 cold green-tea packs, underneath your eyes for 5 or 6 minutes.

10. Use of Vaseline for moisturizing Lip Gloss

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Moisturize your dry, chapped lips and give a natural plump look to your lips with Vaseline petroleum jelly.

11. Use Of Sparkly Eye-shadow


Crush the sparkly eye shadow and mix it with clear nail polish for a gorgeous Mani.

12. Use of Coconut Oil as a makeup remover

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Just saturate a cotton ball with natural coconut oil apply to made-up eyes and watch even the most waterproof of mascaras melt away.

13. Apple cider vinegar hair rinse


Is’s a great natural way to restore shine in your dull hair.

14. Use of Baby Powder

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Baby Powder should be used before applying mascara on your eyelashes for thicker lashes

15. Use of Toothbrush for setting up Hairs

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Spritz hairspray on a toothbrush and use the bristles to smooth your hairs.

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