Mimansha nayak

A 19 year old student of literature. Has a passion for reading, writing and singing. An introvert with a fondness for rain, dogs, classic songs and books. Prefers fantasy and mystery genre. A would-be novelist.

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Top 15 Strange Tribes Living in Isolation From the World

Living in the globally connected world where everyday new technologies are discovered, spaceships are sent to space to find life on other planets, it may seem a little strange to realise that their are still thousands of people living in total isolation from the outside world. They do not use television, gas, advanced vehicles, telephone and other day to day items that we can't live without.

Top 15 Weird but Interesting Facts about William Shakespeare

"To be or not to be"-who hasn't heard this famous quote by Shakespeare? He is remembered a the greatest writer in the history of English literature. He was a poet, playwright and an actor too.(ooh, an all rounder). We've all read some of his dramas or poems in school and if you're a student of literature, you must worship Shakespeare. He made theatre a means for the common masses to entertain themselves and get their point across. He has given our world some great classics that can never be replaced- Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Julius Caesar are some of his best dramas.

Top 15 Most Common and Severe Mental Illnesses

There are more than 200 classified forms of mental illness, some of which you may have heard. Mental illnesses can affect not only the patient but the people around them as well. If not treated cautiously the illness can cause great harm to a number of people. Below is the list of the worst mental illnesses that affects people in horrifying ways.


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Top 15 Places to Visit When You’re in Gujarat

From world’s largest white deserts to country’s longest coastline, mountains to national parks, adventures to relaxed vibes and having the largest number of Asiatic...

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Top 15 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

Not speaking up when you are supposed to, even if you have a valid point to offer, isn’t just introversion or shyness. Many things...