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Top 15 Most Famous Paintings In The World

Paintings carry the art form of one century into another. For centuries, paintings and artworks of such kinds have contributed to the knowledge of humankind's previous ways of life. Some of these paintings become famous...

Top 15 Astonishing Dystopian Novels Of All Time

Who doesn't love dystopian novels? They give us a vision of the upcoming world that is at once eerily familiar and far too horrible. They more or less make us realize that what we are...

Top 15 Mysterious Islands In The World

Nature is undoubtedly full of mysterious things. It never fails to shock humans, but at the same time, we get surprised and fascinated by these things nonetheless. Islands are pieces of land present amid water...

Top 15 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Books

One cannot emphasize the importance of reading books regularly and the kind of wisdom it brings to you. With that being said, the type of book you read is also to be considered, and what's...

Top 15 Superstitions Around The World

Superstitions as weird and irrational, but they are a part of our lives. Think about that lucky pen of yours that helps you finish the exam on time or that lucky watch that makes every...

Top 15 Cleanest Cities In India

With a population of above 135 crores, India is one of the most diverse countries. It is the second most populated country, the 7th largest country by area, and the world's most populous democracy. But...

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