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Top 15 Villains We Fell In Love With

In the yesteryears, villains were portrayed as the worst beings of humankind. The ugly looking men who harassed the hapless heroines and eventually got defeated by the hero of the movie after a weird and...

Top 15 Coffee Types Around The World

More than half of the entire globe is a fanatic of coffee. No wonder, it is the second most traded commodity in the world. It originated from Ethiopia. Interesting, goats were the first living creatures...


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Top 15 Flavourful Indian Chutneys You Must Give A Go To

Chutneys are so much more than just a side dip. Especially when it comes to Indian Style Chutneys, they legit burst with amazing flavours!...

Top 15 Least Populated Places Around The World

In today’s world where increasing population has became a topic for discussion, there are some places around the world having the population in thousands...

Top 15 Books Made Into Movies

Reading a good book is probably one of the best things to do in the world. But it is even more interesting when those...

Top 15 Tea Flavors Around the World

Drinking tea has now become a tradition that has been seen followed since 2737 BCE. Every country and place has its own way to...

Top 15 Most Unusual Beaches Around the World

From colourful sands to pink water, to glow in the dark beaches, nature gives us a whole collection of not-so-cliche beaches. These 15 naturally...

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