Top 15 Villains We Fell In Love With

In the yesteryears, villains were portrayed as the worst beings of humankind. The ugly looking men who harassed the hapless heroines and eventually got defeated by the hero of the movie after a weird and cringe-worthy fight at the time of climax. But times have changed, now the audience like sensible actors as villains. Recently, a new genre known as anti-heroes emerged who are human beings with a good heart but have questionable actions and beliefs. These are the villains we fell in love with, right?

Top 15 Villains We Fell In Love With

1. Teja

Paresh Rawal
Source: India Today

Paresh Rawal gave one of the most outstanding performances in his career in the movie. ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’. Shyam Bajaj was one of the most adorable anti-heroes in Bollywood Cinema. His dialogues like “Main Teja hun Teja ..Mark Idhar hai” and “Omelet ka Raja..aur Bread ka Badshah ..Bajaj… Humara Bajaj” still manages to tickle the funny bones of the millennials even after 25 years of the movie’s release.

2. Norman Bates

Norman Bates
Source: Villains Wiki – Fandom

One of the most brilliantly written characters in the 1960 superhit movie “Psycho” was based on a real-life psychopath serial killer called Ed Gein. Norman Bates’s mother preached love as a sin, tormenting, and suppressing him mentally since childhood. Devoid of emotions like motherly love and affection, he was even unable to explore his sexuality openly. After one psychotic episode, Bates murdered his scornful mother and her lover. He cleverly staged it as a murder-suicide.

Norman was extremely attached to Norma as she was the only human contact he ever had. He stole his mother’s corpse and did his best to preserve it. Norman started dressing, speaking, and having real conversations with himself portraying as Norma. After her death, completing losing the grip of reality, Bates suffered from a split-personality disorder and began committing murders of women under his “Mother” personality.

3. Berlin

Source: Film Daily

If you have binge-watched La Casa De Papel, which you should by now, one character which would have affected you in a bizarre way is Berlin. He was the major anti-hero, a narcissist psychopath, but stayed loyal to his team and the ultimate plan of the grand theft. It certainly broke everyone’s hearts to know that he had suffered from a fatal disease, and in the end, sacrificed his life and died with dignity. He was indeed unpredictable!

4. Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar
Source: Variety

If you want to see the rise and fall of one of the biggest Drug lords, Pablo Escobar in the history of the world, Narcos on Netflix will definitely keep you hooked. You will love the uncanny resemblance of the main lead with the actual Pablo and the brilliant dramatization. In the era of eighties, Pablo’s Medellin Cartel was responsible for 80% of cocaine supply In the United States of America.

Some considered the infamous cocaine trafficker Robinhood as coming from a poor background himself, he nurtured many poor lives, on the other hand, he was also responsible for 4000 killings. Nevertheless, considered as a family man who burnt millions just to keep his daughter Manuela warm, was allegedly shot dead in the head by DEA agents while on a run.

5. Cersei

Source: Bustle

Power-hungry and alleged Mad queen according to fan fiction and being bold about incest with her twin, Cersei Lannister is one of the evilest villains in television history. Lena Headley’s powerful dialogue delivery and the character’s remorseless acts make a deadly combination.

Every Game of Thrones fan would agree she didn’t get a deserved death as compared to her political cunningness. And her Walk of Atonement in Red Landing, while Septa Unella keeps screaming “Shame, Shame, Shame” was one of the most popular scenes of the show and Lena Headley used her body double of course!

6. Bunty

Source: Daily Express

Like every person, Bunty of Sacred Games has both good and bad parts. Despite being insanely disrespectful to women and a Bible of Slangs, he was one of the most loyal friends of Gaitonde Bau. In the process of showing his loyalty, he lost both limbs and eventually his life.

7. Hathoda Tyagi

Hathoda Tyagi
Source: The Indian Express

One of the recent hits in web series was Paatal Lok due to some phenomenal performances. One of them was of Vishal Tyagi or fondly known as Hathoda Tyagi because he started his series of murders by avenging his sisters’ rapes by killing the culprits with a hammer. A hard-core dog lover and a man of few words and expressions, re-enacted the famous Eklavya sacrifice of his thumb to prove his faithfulness to Masterji. The poor chap pulls the trigger and kills himself when he learns about the death of his Guru.

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8. Kaleen Bhaiya

Kaleen Bhaiya
Source: India Today

Self-explanatory by his nickname given, Akandanand Tripathi was the mafia don of the small town of Mirzapur. He earned millions by becoming a successful exporter of carpets. Pankaj Tripathi with his impeccable acting style also adds up dry humor and subtlety to add freshness to his intense character. He like most of the villains craves power in the political setting of the show.

9. Walter White

Walter White
Source: Looper

The journey of an overqualified high school chemistry teacher to become a dangerous meth drug kingpin is exceptionally depicted in the crime drama, Breaking Bad. A desperate need to provide for his family for a long time after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer leads Walter to get addicted to power and corruption and adopting alter ego “Heisenberg”.

Walter White took up chemistry to unique levels! White had shady morals and the ambiguous nature of a hero and villain. May it be letting his partner, Jesse’s girlfriend die in front of him due to a drug overdose or protecting Jesse from drug dealers, Heisenberg is delightful to watch n number of times!

10. Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter
Source: The Independent

A brilliant forensic psychiatrist turned American serial killer and cannibal, Hannibal Lecter had been popularized by the movie “Silence of The Lambs”. The character appears first in Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon. The serial killer had a peculiar physical appearance in form of maroon eyes and being polydactyl. Hannibal had a highly refined taste and graces of upper society. He avenged his sister’s death by killing and consuming the cheeks of the Nazi soldiers who ate his sister. It was believed that he performed surgery on his own face while on run and took up a pseudonym “Dr. Fell”.

11. Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance
Source: Den of Geek

Stephen King’s novel “The Shining” and Stanley Kubrick’s movie adaptation might have different interpretations but the classic is full of symbolism undoubtedly. Jack Torrance, a violent recovering alcoholic who takes up a winter job on Overlook Hotel to focus on his book ends up losing his sanity. The hotel had a dark history being home to evil supernatural forces overpower Jack’s mind as seen in acts of a repeated sentence in his typewriter “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

The famous dialogue “Here’s Johnny” said by Jack when he chased his family with an axe. Even though Jack was a caring father, he had anger and authority issues and episodes of physical abuse towards his son also reveal more about his temperament and family dynamics.

12. Joker

Source: Business Insider

It’s not wrong to say that Joker was eternalized by Heath Ledger, even though the super-logical villain had many interpretations in his first appearance in comics (1951) to the latest movie rendition (2019) starring Joaquin Phoenix. He has been constantly terrorizing Gotham City since the origin of Batman. Every actor brings something new to the character of Clown Prince may it be Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Jared Leto, Heath Ledger, or Joaquin Phoenix.

The character is said to do crimes to prove a point and show the actual atrocities of the society or maybe just to annoy Batman! He does his own makeup, is a contortionist and jester along with being a chemist and intellectual genius. Joker created arsenals of comical themes. Talk about being multi-talented!

13. Thanos

Source: Insider

After the release of Infinity War, many fans actually think that the baddest guy in the Marvel Comics Universe, Thanos might have a logical goal. Owing to the dramatic population boom, wiping up half of the Earth’s population unbiasedly for proper utilization of precious resources might be fruitful to Mother nature! Nevertheless, it was always about being the most powerful being in the universe, this time through an Infinity Gauntlet! The Mad Titan, being a mutant possessed immense power such as telekinesis, telepathy gave a good run to our superhero fraternity. Thanos was in love with Death and killed his own family to impress her, which explains his brutality.

14. Regina George

Regina George
Source: Teen Vogue

The Queen Bee and the leader of The Plastics of North Shore High School in Mean Girls were “fabulous but evil”. She was brilliant, had an impeccable style sense, and ridiculously attractive gaining a major fan following from the male school goers. She uses manipulation and power to make everyone feel inferior constantly even her best friends, Karen and Gretchen. Regina also spread major rumors about every girl in the high school including teachers through the infamous “Burn Book” when she gets to know that Cady was the major reason for her fallen pride and popularity.

15. Severus Snape

Severus Snape
Source: The Independent

The snarky and inglorious Potions master, the half-blood Prince and the always favouring Slytherin House Head is one of the most eloquent characters in the series of Harry Potter. He had a solid ambiguous back-history which was revealed in the final installation made everyone reach for the tissues. Snape was exemplary of unrequited love and hardcore loyalty. Severus was remarkably brilliant at making own spells such as Sectumsempra, complex potions and being a skilled Legilimens.

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