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Top 15 Cartoon Theme Songs (You’ll definitely sing along to 90% of them!)

Who doesn't remember the lyrics to at least some of the theme songs from our beloved cartoon shows? There is something so relaxing about singing them on the top of our voices. How many can...


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Top 15 Indian Traditions That Are Scientifically Logical

India is a country known for its diverse culture. Since it hosts multiple religions, the people of India follow a wide range of traditions....

Top 15 Hindu God and Goddess You Should Know About

Starting with brief information that there are 33 million gods in Hinduism, all of them are a part of one Supreme being and also...

Top 15 Mouth-Watering Street Foods in Mumbai

If I had to name a few things that actually connect people in India, I’d say it's festivals, films, and food. And Mumbai is...

Top 15 Benefits Of Having Natural Curls

Lucky are the people who are endowed with naturally curly hair. Just 11% of the people in this world have them. Isn't that a...

Top 15 Different Types of Pakodas (Fritters)

Call them a day time street food or a quick homemade snack, Pakodas, also known as Bhajiya or Fritters are very popular as appetizers....

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