Top 15 Candies That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

We all had our personal favorite candies in our childhood. The ones that we would readily spend our pocket money on without regrets. Most of them have limited their manufacturing now and can only be found after a scavenger hunt to all the ‘nukkad’ shops in your area. 

So These Are The Top 15 Candies That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood:

1. Phantom Cigarettes

Candies That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood
Source: thetoffeejar

These were the way to go if we wanted to look like a gangster. Everyone remembers putting these sweet candy sticks between their lips and blowing out imaginary smoke. Even our parents never said no to this one. 

2. Cadbury Bytes

Source: zxzxzsell

They were an absolute fan favorite and caused much heartbreak when they were discontinued. Every flavor was so tasty, and now they’re just gone. It was saddening, and no wafer candy has been able to fill this void. 

3. Poppins

Source: dunzo

If ‘Doon kya?’ wasn’t your favorite catchphrase while you popped these colorful candies into your mouth, then did you even have a childhood? All of them tasted different yet were the exact same. 

4. Nutties

Source: ifn

Nutties was a comparatively expensive candy, but its packaging was so aesthetic and pretty that you couldn’t even complain. The chocolate-covered crunchy candy was every kid’s Toblerone back then. 

5. Parle Kismi

Source: freepressjournal

At 25 paise, and with the yum flavor of elaichi and coconut, it was the candy that everyone carried by the dozen in their pockets. 

6. Fatafat

Source: bonappetit

Fatafat walked so Hajmola could run. This was the most we knew of Ayurveda back then, and even though it was supposed to be eaten for health purposes, it was consumed for every reason apart from that. 

7. Melody

Source: togetherv

‘Yeh Melody itni chocolatey kyu hain?’ we don’t know the answer to this yet, but we couldn’t really focus on these questions while chewing on this gooey, fudgy candy with a chocolate-filled center.  

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8. Coffy Bite

Source: magicpin

I think it’s an unspoken fact that all our caffeine addiction comes from bingeing on these coffee candies. Couldn’t live without these back then, can’t live without coffee now. 

9. Golden Coins

Source: isweetech

The first time our parents or siblings told us that the golden cover of these coins came off and that they were actually chocolates, we knew the world would never be the same again. 

10. Magic Pops

Source: scoopwhoop

These were so overrated, yet underrated at the same time. Half of us had these because they were cool and fancy, and the other half went crazy because how can this powdered candy pop in our mouths? It was practically magic! 

11. Unnamed Orange Candy

Source: snackattack

These were the candies that we got after finishing our homework. Not too tasty that we keep asking for more, but that orange flavor really hit home then. 

12. Mango Bite

Source: thetoffeejar

Mango Bite and Kaccha Mango Bite were the candies that you shared with your friends during break and sucked on during class. Even the ads were weirdly amusing to us then.

13. Eclairs

Source: wikipedia

Eclairs are still available, but they just don’t have the same appeal as they did earlier. We would distribute two eclairs during our birthdays in school, three to our best friends, and call it a day. 

14. Boomer

Source: tangyshop

Everyone has chewed on these and competed in a ‘Who’s going to blow a bigger bubble?’ challenge with your friends. With new bubblegum candies popping up, they seem to have burst out of business (excuse the pun).  

15. Rola-a-Cola

Source: pleasesee

Rola-a-Cola was the substitute for actual fizzy drinks that we weren’t allowed to drink as kids. This is the most we would get when the elders were drinking Coca-Cola, and we cribbed for some too.  

The taste of these OG candies is still embedded in our hearts and even looking at them or their ads take us back to the carefree time that was our childhood. They weren’t overpriced Snickers and overrated Ferrero Rochers; they were simple and yet had such a huge impact on us. 

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