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Top 15 Self-harm Alternatives To Stop Hurting Yourself

The urge to self-injury can be all-consuming and devastatingly strong. The road to recovery is a long one but not impossible. If you are reading this, then you want to recover. You want to leave...

Top 15 Signs Of Suffering From Depression You Need To Be Aware Of

Since childhood, we all have heard that happiness and sorrow are the default aspects of life. But this does not mean one should accept his/her sadness effortlessly. You would be surprised to know that in...

Top 15 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

In this Coronavirus pandemic, washing hands and social distancing are key to stop the spread of the virus. But apart from all these practices healthy food also plays a vital role in protecting us from...

Top 15 Myths About Mental Illness That Need To Be Corrected

Illness refers to anything affecting the body or mind. You must have heard people saying that they are having a stomach ache or headache, but very few people confront having a serious prolonged illness like...

Top 15 Best Home Plants For A Better Lifestyle

Various studies have shown the importance and health benefits of having plants inside your house. Indoor plants not only make you feel better mentally but also improves your overall health. It enhances the beauty of...

Top 15 Best Medicinal Plants You Might Not Know

Have you ever seen your grandparents running to a medical store for medicines the way we do? Seldom, but from the tiniest cuts to the lightest fever, we have made ourselves dependent on synthetic products,...

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