Top 15 Ways To Support People With Depression

People suffer mentally because of a certain trauma or pressure in their personal or professional life. All this pushes a person towards mental problems like anxiety disorders, depression, or other mental imbalances.

Here are the Top 15 Ways to Support People with Depression:

1. Stay

Sometimes, being beside someone in a tough state is enough for them. So, be there for them, provide them with any help, and reassure them about their value and decisions. Never be rash to them or leave in their time of need. This is where they might need you the most.

2. Listen

Listening to someone patiently helps them open up, release emotions, and relieves them of any frustration. Prove yourself as a confidant and help them release whatever they hold inside themselves. Offer advice if needed and help, but don’t be judgemental about their reasons and decisions.

3. Take Interest.

Make them believe that you genuinely care about their sufferings and problems. Talk to them about it and request them to share details instead of pretending and saying that you understand. 

4. Find Support.

Give them the time they need, and help them find support. Talk and make them understand the need for a good therapist and how it can help improve the situation and take everything back to normal.

5. Set Boundaries.

You need to be there for your friend, but setting boundaries is equally important. You should not let them be dependent on you for their emotional needs.

6. Offer Assistance.

When a person is going through this, their schedule can go haywire. You must help them set their daily schedule and get them to do everyday routine tasks like grocery shopping, jogging, exercising, etc. Going to parks and walking with them would also make them feel supported.

7. Include Them.

It’s hard for people suffering from depression to approach someone or stick to a plan. Help them by including them in your plans. Watch a movie or go to a party with them.

8. Don’t Agree with Everything.

Listening to someone doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing to everything. They must be viewing the world differently, which might be tilting toward a negative perspective. Offer them points to discuss and introspect; it helps them clear the fog and see things differently.

9. Don’t Treat them as Ill.

Don’t let them spend the whole day on the bed or a couch sticking to the same place. It would help to engage them in activities and get them moving. Feeling tired is a part of depression, but you should support them in not being lethargic and feeling active.

10. Help them Sleep Better.

Set their sleeping schedule and create an environment that helps them sleep. Some things help combat insomnia, research on them and provide them to the person.

11. Discourage

Ensure to notice and discourage any self-harming combating practices they have developed. Don’t let them be dependent on alcohol or other addictions.

12. Take Care of Yourself.

You need to be in a healthy state. Don’t let yourself slip into anxiety, and try to remain sound. Research their conditions and create a balance where you don’t let your whole schedule disappear while being dedicated to them.

13. Clear their Mind.

If you know the reason for their misery, clear their mind about it. If it’s a person or family, help them sort out their problems and work on establishing a healthy relationship with them.

14. Other Aspects

Make them see other aspects of life. Tell them to focus on the positives and take control of their life to make it better. Help them see the urgency to focus on their career and passion and give them the vision they lost midway through their goals and aspirations.

15. Travel

Plan trips with them to the places they like. This might help in igniting a sense of freshness in their everyday life. Studies have shown that traveling helps people gain motivation and clear their minds. It would help them unravel and give them a much-needed break.

If you know someone who’s suffering from any of this, you should be by their side and support them. There are many ways in which you can help a person be better; hope you find this article helpful.

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