7 Coolest Desert Lakes in Dubai

The list of Dubai’s tourist attractions never goes out. The gleaming city with dynamic advancements has astonished the world with its impressive desert lakes, blending elegantly into the nature around it. With the easy availability of Dubai visas, one can view these gems of the desert dunes that have grown in popularity on every social media platform.

So, prepare your Dubai visa and, in addition to exploring the bustling city, visit the most beautiful and coolest lakes in Dubai.

1. Love lakes

The recently launched love lakes at Al Qudra are sheer beauty. The calm weather, far away from the hustle and bustle, makes a perfect place to spend quality time and romantic time with your spouse. Two intertwined heart-shaped lakes dotted with blooming flora are a match made in heaven. Even the trees, stones, and planks speak of love. At the love lakes, nature becomes a part of your love, filling your heart with the utmost serene. You can spend an hour or an entire day at Love Lake, which has excellent parks and great spots for picnics.

2. Expo lakes

Located a few minutes away from Al Qudra, Expo Lake is the biggest event you will ever witness in the UAE. The Expo lakes, resembling the logo of Expo 2020, are a man-made marvel, including walkways to get to the center surrounded by water. Engulf the fabulous view of the expo lake from a 360-degree view from the top and watch the beautiful sun going down on the desert horizon. The tourist site also includes well-established amenities to keep you entertained.

3. Moon lakes

Al Qudra owns the best lakes for you to visit. The Moon Lake, recently discovered, is a gorgeous crescent moon-shaped lake. The environment and the vibes around the lake will give you a sense of peace in your mind. Moon lake, situated between the snow-white dunes and the trees surrounding the site, looks like the stars with the moon in the sky. The hidden gem and untouched nature of Moon Lake make it a must-visit lake amidst the UAE dessert.

4. Pink Lake

The pink lake of Dubai created a social media wave after the photographs of the drone of a 19-year-old teenager, Anmar, went viral on the internet. The striking pink lake, nestled in Ras Al Khaimah, is one of the wonders of Dubai. It is not only the color that makes it interesting, but also that you can view the layers of salt beneath the shallowness of the lake. Get to the Saraya Islands and visit this beautiful pink lake.

5. Salt Lake

A new addition to the tourist attraction, salt lake is an ideal spot for a quick break to reconnect with nature. The sight of Salt Lake becomes dreamier when the deposited salts in the emerald green lake sparkle in the bright sun. Visit Salt Lake in the early morning to enjoy the picturesque sunrise with pleasant weather. Go for a picnic with your family or go on a trip solo and explore the sites around Salt Lake. Overnight camping, barbeque, and fun events at Salt Lake will keep your trip engaging.

6. Lake Al Warsan

A man-made wetland housing more than 186 species of bird, Al Warsan Lake is two lakes connected. It was formally known as Wimpy Pits as the wimpy construction company started the first exploration in the middle of the empty desert. To tour the Al Warsan Lake, plan to spend at least 1 to 3 hours with a guide exploring. Spot the beautiful birds, including the escaped and most rare birds found in the Arab Peninsular. Even the mammal and reptile species have nestled in the artificial AL Warsan lake, making it one of the unique lakes.

7. Burj lake

Located at the foot of the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, Burj Lake is a well-known and top attraction in Dubai city. Burj Lake is known for its stunning lights. The fountain structures a scenic design holding five circles of different sizes, and two arches feature powerful water nozzles. It is a mesmerizing sight with 6600 lights, 25 colored projectors, and over 85000 liters of water shot into mid-air. In the evening show, the water performance is accompanied by vibrant music, some traditional and some classical. For the best experience, hop on a boat and sail into Burj Lake.

Dubai gives you several opportunities to reconnect with mother nature. Take a visit to these dessert lakes in Dubai and enjoy the landscape splendor in the middle of the vast desert.

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