Top 15 Most Common Misconceptions

We live in a society that is propelled by social media where information travels faster than the light and we have grown to blindly believe every random fact that we come across! Not many of us bother fact-checking these random tidbits of information and we store them directly in our brains.

15 most common misconceptions you will be pleasantly surprised at how ignorant your perception is!

1. The Great wall of China

most common misconceptions
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A wonder of the world – it is probably the largest thing built by man. It was initially built by the emperor to guard the territory of China. It consists of several walls. There is a common misconception that “The Great Wall of China can be seen from space.” Several researchers still do not take this into account and label it as a misconception. This fact holds no truth and is a big lie!

2. Coffee Beans

Coffee is definitely the most loved brewed drink cherished by many. Not many might be aware of the fact that the beans are not made directly from actual beans! According to scientific classification norms, coffee is actually made from seeds of various coffee berries or coffee cherry plants.

3. Chameleon Camouflage

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Chameleons are often known for their ability to change color instantly. The color that they adapt to resembles the background they are on. But this is not the actuality of their color-changing ability as studies suggest that chameleons change their color as a response to their mood or to adapt to light or a particular temperature instead of the object they are touching.

4. Bulls and Red

Bullfighting often involves the color red. It is believed that red color charges them up to a high extent making them furious. This is yet another misconception as bulls can not see the color red as they are color blind to red. The only reason for them getting enraged is because of the fluttering movement of the cloth. Studies have proven time and again that bulls can only see blue and yellow.

5. Microwave Radiations

One common misconception that revolves in many households is that the radiations emitted from the microwave are highly dangerous. Although it is okay to believe that microwave radiations do more harm than good but, they don’t actually emit emissions high enough to hinder human life in a negative shade. Studies have shown that these radiations are completely harmless and do not pose any serious threat to human life.

6. Tomatoes

Whenever we are said to name some vegetables a common name always pops up that is tomato. Many people think that they are vegetables but tomatoes are in fact not a vegetable and they never were. Tomatoes belong to the class of fruits and are actually berries.

7. Chewing gum myth

Most of us at some point of our lives have swallowed chewing gum by mistake. You might have heard the famous saying, “swallowed chewing gum stays in your stomach for 7 years.” This is said in reference to the stomach that finds it hard to break chewing gum like other food particles but our digestive system passes it along through the normal intestinal activity.

8. Watching TV

Every kid was once told in their childhood that sitting too close to the television set might damage their eyes to a great extent. This might hold some truth back in the times when TV was a recent invention and had less features and modifications as of now. Doctors state that at most, sitting too close may give you a headache or eye strain, but there is no serious threat of permanent damage.

9. Catching A cold in winter

Winters make us extra cautious and we often dress extra warm in winter so as to ‘not catch a cold.’ We believe that an exposure to outside cold might give us a flu instantly. However, it’s not the temperature that makes you sick, rather an active virus that spreads through human contact.

10. People with mental illness

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Unfortunately, the mainstream media portrays people with mental illnesses as crazy maniacs with violent capabilities. Their consciousness is also put into question. This is a very saddening misconception as this holds no truth. People afflicted with mental disorders are often regular people like others and go on with their daily lives just like normal human beings.

11. Bats

We all are familiar with the the classic simile “As blind as a bat.” It is often believed that bats are blind but this is again a common misconception as bats are not blind. Science states that bats have an excellent vision that guides them in the dark and also in their food hunting.

12. Hair products

The beauty industry is full of hair care products that promise to repair the damaged hair and split ends. Actually, they prevent damage from occurring in the first place. They make the hair texture smooth and they can also smooth down the cuticles in a glue-like fashion. This gives a look as if the hair is repaired but in actuality it does not repair split ends.

13. Thomas Edison

Many people believe that it was Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb. This is a common misconception as Edison was not the one who invented the light bulb. He however, developed the first practical light bulb in the year 1880.

14. Toilet Seats Are Full of Germs

It’s one of the most common misconception that the toilet seats are full of germs as bathroom is regarded as a territory of germs. A study conducted by the University of Arizona found toilet seats to be in fact relatively clean, if they are frequently washed or cleaned. A fact stated that they were found to have 10 times fewer germs than cell phones.

15. Cracking Knuckles Leads to Arthritis

Cracking your knuckles is one of the most common things you can witness around in a room full of people. It is regarded as something extremely annoying and distracting to those around you. A common misconception that centers around this knuckle cracking is that it can lead to arthritis. It is not true as knuckle cracking is nothing but displacement of “synovial fluid” in between your joints.

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