Top 15 Resolutions We Make But Fail to Keep

We are human beings and by nature, tend to want to improve ourselves be it for our own self-goals or pressure from social norms. Social and peer pressure is not just something that teenagers fall prey to. We crave social acceptance and as such, want to conform ourselves to social norms. This forms the major reason why we make resolutions and tend not to be able to achieve them – as they are not intrinsically driven.

This list is a collection of the most common resolutions that we make over and over again – most of the time we are not able to see them through. Given the high-pressure modern lifestyle, even the intrinsically driven ones are difficult to successfully achieve. Let’s have a look and see how many of these resolutions you have made at one point in your life – be it a new year’s resolution, birthday resolution or simply a personal goal.

Top 15 Resolutions We Make But Fail to Keep

1. The fitness goal

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Being fit is the mantra of our generation and it is a positive step for our own lives but it is easier said than done. Achieving fitness is not a simple task-it requires a healthy diet, a vigorous exercise schedule and a major change in all parts of our lifestyles.

The greater the amount of changes that a resolution demands the lesser are the chances of achieving it. Everyone wants to look good and stay in fit shape – this makes us continuously go back to the resolution of achieving fitness. Social media is littered with people showing their physical fitness and it makes us want to be part of that crowd and for the right reasons. This is a resolution we all have made at one point or the other – achieve the fitness goal and the rest of the resolutions will be a walk in the part.

2. The promise to drop a bad habit

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Pressure of work or personal lives often drive us into the hands of bad habits – smoking, drinking, drugs. Even lesser extreme ones as not maintaining a healthy sleep cycle or lifestyle also fall into the same category. The thing about bad habits is that they are highly addicting and form part of our personality and life, making it all the more difficult for us to shed those bad habits. We know they are bad for us but we have a hard time letting go of them. We just use them as means of escape from our stress and problems in lives.

3. The promise to eat healthy

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Food is more than just survival for us. Most of us are tempted by the latest food craze in town. Junk food is the curse of the fast-paced modern lifestyle. We are driven by time constraints to eat food on the go and no one can deny the appeal of junk food. Entire multibillion-dollar industries are running on the consumption of junk food.

We know its not good for our body and as such, at some juncture, we make the resolution to avoid junk food but achieving that goal, requires totally changing our lifestyles and the time we devote to food. Not to mention, junk food is no less addicting than alcohol or nicotine.

4. The promise to score well

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We are competitive by nature and part of the rat race, where staying ahead of the crowd means all. That promise we often give it to ourselves to score well be it in exams or interview or in any academic schedule. We know our scores determine our future and as such, this is one goal that every single on us makes every time we study or prepare for some exam. 5. The new hobby: The new hobby resolution is part of the new me, new skills idea where we want to learn or accumulate new knowledge and skills for our personality development

6. The promise to save money

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Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where money is the only currency to live. Without money, we cannot achieve our goals and as such, we often make the resolution to save money, spend frugally and have a substantial savings to get what we want or as a safety net. The entire concept of banking is derived from our need to save money. Saving money means cutting back on our expenses and as such, requires a drastic change in all aspects of our lives.

7. The promise to get organized

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A disorganized room represents a disorganized life. How many times we find ourselves in a hurry and not being able to find that one thing – wallet, car keys or something small that is indispensable at that moment. It is only out of regret we realize our need for staying organized and make the resolution to get our room or life organized so that we do not face a similar situation in future.

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8. The promise to travel more

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Civilization started from nomads and as such, that yearn to travel, explore new places and experiences is still inside us. The social media revolution has only increased our desire of travelling to places far and wide – we often see people travelling and showcasing their experiences and want to that ourselves too. This is one resolution that is both positive in nature and doable without big changes in our lifestyles.

9. The race to success

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We often the worth of a person with the degree of success they have had in their lives. We have imbibed from our childhood the need for success to be happy and content in life and as such, success replaces everything in our lives. Though there are arguments on both sides, deep down we all want to be successful and recognized for our efforts. This is a continuing resolution that we make every day to better our lives.

10. Giving more time to family/friends

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Our fast-paced modern lives often make us choose between devoting time to our family/families and career or studies. We yearn to have that gathering of family and friends but work often comes in between. This makes us take the resolution to have a better work life balance and devote more time to our personal life.

11. The new and better job

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Being content at where we are is something rare in today’s world. We always want more than what we have at the present and so, we are always looking for better and higher paying jobs or business prospects.

12. The improved mental health

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Modern life is full of stress, anxiety and depression – at some point or the other, we realise the toll it takes on us. This often makes us take a resolution to do things that will improve our mental health condition and help us stay happier.

13. The promise for Me-time

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When was the last time you were able to devote some time to yourself, be it simply for relaxing or doing something you love? We live stressful and fast paced daily routines and need some “Me-time” to unwind. This need makes us realise the importance of “me time” and hence, we often promise ourselves the changes we need to make to do that.

14. To volunteer more/ help others

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy the blessing of the world that we live in. Helping others is something that not only is beneficial to society but also to our own spiritual enlightenment – be it helping the poor or the needy, helping stray animals and simply contributing in whatever capacity for the betterment of our society.

15. Working towards Goals/Dreams

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Survival is not enough for a living, dreaming is what makes all the effort worthwhile. We all have our own goals and dreams and spend our days working tirelessly to achieve those. This is a lifelong promise to achieve those childhood dreams – the sole purpose of our existence.

Every one of us can relate to this list of the Top 15 Resolutions we tend to make and then make, again. We have made all these resolutions at some point or the other, and we continue to do so – so that we can work towards a better me for tomorrow.

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