Top 15 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

So often we find these cumbersome little obstacles that make it so difficult even during the tiniest of chores. All these “first world problems” can easily destroy your day. Fortunately, the internet is full of shortcuts to facilitate your life. We have everything ready on our plate, from natural remedies, websites to psychological hacks. The following 15 life hacks are really useful to me personally.

Top 15 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

1. Smoking problem?

Source: Toronto Star

Are you addicted to smoking? Is it irresistible? Do you want to get rid of the habit as you know it has started taking a toll on your daily life?
Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, lick a little salt with the tip of your tongue. In a month, this is said to break the habit.

2. Curiosity to Rescue


Write it down whenever you’re curious about something. This way, you’ll have a whole list of things to learn about when you’re bored. It’s a good way to spend your free time doing something productive rather than waiting for those long hours to pass by.

3. The Perfect Gift


We always find it hard to choose an acquaintance as a gift. There is a solution for this too. In fact, there is always a solution. When finding it difficult to find someone the perfect gift, get a combination of three small gifts- one serious, one jokey and the last homemade. It’s never going to go out of trend and you’ll be known for surprises.

4. Compatibility Test


When you think about spending the rest of your life with someone you don’t know, how would you decide whether or not they are “the one”? A technique is available to help you make decisions. You should use a super-slow internet computer before you marry someone to see who they really are. This is the best way to manage situations and learn how calm or short-tempered they are when you fight.

5. Have a Good Conversation

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Are you often juggling between topics when you first meet someone? If so, ask them what they like to do, not what they do. It’s going to excite them and spark the conversation right away. People often like to talk about themselves, so ask them their interests. You won’t regret the conversation and they won’t either.

6. Want to Buy a Car?

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Have you been facing crisis while deciding whether to buy that particular car you liked or not since it does not suit your budget? The model is too good to let go of, but you’re not prepared to invest too much at the same time. At times like these, buy the vehicle at the end of the month preferably. Salespeople have monthly quotas to meet and are more likely to cut you off. If it’s for you, it’s a win – win situation. Kudos!

7. Avoid Committing the Same Mistake Twice

Source: wikiHow

Whenever you’re done with your job interview and the interviewer asks you-“Any questions? “Always answer them by asking if they have any concerns regarding your application. This not only helps you to work better on yourself, but also shows a side of your personality that wants to accept its drawbacks so that you don’t mess it up the next time. It gives the interviewer a good final impression before leaving.

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8. About Life


Do you prefer materialistic things to remember your closest ones when you are gifted? Or when you want to be happy for a small period of time? Well, it is time to change that. Don’t spend money on things. Rather, spend money on experiences. You will enjoy life a lot more. Making memories is what matters. They are the ones that will take you down memory lane, not the things you own.

9. Stay Safe


All of us extroverts love to party on weekends especially in clubs and bars.
But what should you do if you’re not sure whether the bar is safe or not? Generally speaking, any club that pats you shouldn’t be a place to hang out before you enter. They probably have a history of dangerous unwanted situations.

10. Surprise


When your children are born, book a good email address for them. Send them photos, videos, notes, tips, etc. Give them the password on their 18th birthday. There’s nothing more beautiful than preserving and gifting them their childhood memories in the form of a timeline.

11. Microwave Hygiene

Source: Orient

Do you find it burdensome to clean the microwave once in a while? Let’s make it effortless and quick for you. Put 3 minutes in a bowl of water and microwave. The steam moisturizes everything to facilitate cleaning. Now you won’t have to sit with all the cleaning tools and be ready to break your lower back.

12. Habits


Would you like to stop your constant complaining habitat once? Or would you want to fix your procrastination when it comes to working out? Behavioural scientists say we need approximately 21 days to make/break a habit. The only ingredients you need to make it happen are dedication and consistency. Good luck!

13. Important Rules to Follow


Each one of us wants to be successful in life. We want to avoid regrets and ask the same question somehow- “How did you succeed?” -whenever we meet someone who has climbed the ladder of achievement in his / her professional life. Let me tell you, there are only two rules for success: a) Don’t tell anyone what you know.

14. Be Alert


Rape and molestation cases have considerably accelerated in our country and generation. We are usually given alcohol mixed with an additional ingredient that makes us dizzy and enables others to take advantage of our body. Many people are using a common drug called “Rohypnol” (date rape drug). Its taste is one way of detecting the drug in the drink. If a drink suddenly has an extremely salty taste, immediately stop drinking and save yourself.

15. Time Capsule


A website called allows you to write letters to yourself and deliver them to you in the future (not the real letters in the envelope, rather in the form of an e-mail). You can write your own expectations, what you hope to do, your thoughts as a child, motivate your future self and make your day. The date of delivery can be set when the letter is written in a year to 5 years to 10 years –you can decide it all. In this way, letters to your loved ones can be written too, and they will get it on the year and date you decide. Isn’t that fascinating?

Hope these life hacks will somehow help you in the future.

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