Top 15 Things That Make No Sense About The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga movies were a huge deal when they came out. Twilight began the wave of the trope of supernatural romance. After years, almost all the fans’ love for vampires have faded away and now when they see the movie applying their logic, they realize the films makes no sense at all. Here is a list of all the things in Twilight which one might have not thought about when it was released, considering the fact that it became a humongous cultural phenomenon, bringing a series of shows and movies about supernatural romance into existence.

Top 15 Things That Make No Sense About The Twilight Saga

1. Sparkly-Vampires

Before Twilight vampires were supposed to be scary, intimidating and they would turn to ashes if their skins were exposed in sunlight but the vampires of Twilight sparkle under sunlight which makes Vampires look pretty? Maybe. But, scary? NOT AT ALL. They just look ridiculous. Probably, Bella was not afraid of Edward even as he calls vampires as “The most dangerous predators” because he looked like a cute little shiny baby. A boyfriend straight out of her dreams, for sure.

2. The Hype Around Bella

Bella is an awkward, plain-dressing, boring girl who makes no efforts to interact with people yet somehow everyone is constantly hovering around her as if she is special. In the first movie, a jock and a nerd compete with each other to go on a date or flirt with her and in the next film, we have Edward and Jacob fighting over her. Edward also can’t read her mind and no specific reason behind that is explained in the further movies. She has no hobbies and treats her friends and family very terribly so what makes her so attractive? We have no idea.

3. Edward’s Personality

Just like Bella, this hundred-year-old vampire has no hobbies or any particular interests which makes girls swoon. He has no idea how to deal with his emotions which makes his partner confused and it also drives him to commit suicide in the second installment of the film. Edward is shown to be a loner and so manipulates Bella to isolate herself from her family and friends for him. Throughout the series, he manipulates, lies, hurts and almost gets Bella killed. Also, he used to watch Bella sleep even before she started dating him. Creeper alert!

4. Werewolves Are As Dangerous As Vampires Yet They Are The Protectors

The werewolves are portrayed as the supernatural beings who are better than the vampires even Jacob argues with Bella that he is better than Edward. However, werewolves are dangerous to the humans too as they often lose control and end up hurting humans which is similar to vampires who often lose control and end up drinking human blood. Sam hurts Emily, Bella almost gets attacked by another werewolf. How are werewolves on the good side and vampires not?

5. Bella Ignores Her Friends

Bella completely dumps her friends to be with Edward. It is almost like she has no significant relationship with anyone else apart from Edward as a friend. Jacob gets the best-friend tag from Bella later on but that is also because of necessity of keeping Jacob around her daughter after he imprinted on her baby, Jacob can’t separate himself from the daughter and therefore, he can’t separate himself from Bella too. Bella is never available for her friends yet they attend her wedding without complains.

6. Bella’s Melodramatic Depression After Edward Leaves

Bella feels completely worthless because of a guy who she has been dating for not so long is no longer interested in her. Its like her life only revolves around Edward, the movies make her depression look romantic and it is problematic at so many levels. She drops her friends, isolates herself from the outer world, doesn’t talk to her father yet she feels its true love and says in her internal monologue, “I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” She probably can’t see the thin line between love and obsession.

7. Edward’s Dramatic Decision To Kill Himself

Not only does Edward decide to kill himself because he believes the girl he JUST STARTED dating is dead but also he decided to go the Volturi and expose himself to the humans by shining under the sunlight so that Volturi is pissed with him for exposing himself and as a punishment they would kill him. Honestly, there would be a thousand ways to kill himself than this intricate plan which would put his entire clan in danger. Moreover, if Edward never went to the Volturi then probably, they wouldn’t have come to know about Bella at all.

8. Jacob Forcefully Kisses Bella

There were two teams back in the glory days of Twilight – Team Edward and Team Jacob. However, Jacob is as manipulative and over-possessive Edward is. Moreover, when she retaliates on being kissed forcefully by punching him, her father watches Edward and Jacob fight but doesn’t really react angrily like a father should do. Edward also fights Jacob but eventually tells Jacob that he can kiss HIS girlfriend if she allows him to. By the way, she does ask Jacob to kiss her and she kisses him in front of Edward.

9. Jacob Wants To Kill Bella’s Baby

Bella dies giving birth to her half-human and half-vampire child and Jacob is so angry that he decides to kill the baby. Women dying because of complications in pregnancy is normal, even if the child wasn’t a demon-like baby, the chances of Bella dying after giving birth would be less likely yet still possible so Jacob’s decision to kill the baby makes no sense also it seems out of his character to make a move like this.

10. Jacob Imprints On A Baby

Jacob imprints on a baby not just a baby but the baby of her ex-lover’s. He even calls Edward father-in-law as a joke in the last movie. He even explains to Bella that he was obsessed with her because he was subconsciously into her baby which was not even born yet. Jacob immediately became a greater creep than Edward after this.

11. The Crazy Age Gap between Edward and Bella

If the author can think that Jacob and baby Ness can be a couple so what’s wrong with 100-year-old Vampire dating a seventeen-year-old girl, right? As already discussed Bella has nothing special about her except the fact that she is a ‘singer’ to Edward which in the world of Twilight basically means that her blood would be absolutely tasty for Edward and when he tells her this fact that he can’t control his vampiric thirst in front of Bella, she doesn’t get scared at all. #GirlfriendGoals

12. Werewolves Talk To Each Other Via Telepathy

If you thought it can’t get any worse than sparkly vampires then you are wrong because we have werewolves who talk to each other via telepathy and they can hear each other’s thoughts whether they want to or not in the universe of Twilight. The character of Sam imprints on Emily while he is dating Leah (also Sam’s pack-mate) so all the werewolves in the pack along with Sam can hear the depressive thoughts of Leah while Sam’s happy thoughts with Emily are heard by Leah and other pack-members. It is awkward, creepy and ultimately bizarre.

13. CGI Used On Renesmee

After Twilight no one attempted to use a CGI baby in a movie again. Not just baby Renesmee but CGI is used on Renesmee to show her as a grown-up to the audience too which is again simply terrible. What was the point of spending money on such terrible CGI when they could’ve simply hired another actress for the flash-forward scenes?

14. Jasper And Alice

Alice one day got a vision of Jasper and then she went in a quest to find him and when she did Jasper also went along with Alice’s plan to fall in love, sound absurd? It is but this is exactly their love-story. Alice gets visions and Jasper does as she asks him to do because she knows the future. They both are extremely different and why they actually fall in love with each other is never explained yet according to the author, they both are meant to be.

15. Everything With The Volturi, In The End, Was Avoidable

The ending to Breaking Dawn Part 2 could have been prevented if only the Cullens stopped Irina from going to the Volturi. When Renesmee was seen from afar, She believed that Renesmee was a human child turned into vampire and turning a child into vampire was an illegal action, she went to the Volturi to report it. If the Cullens could have just told her that it was Bella and Edward’s human-vampire hybrid daughter then they could have avoided the unnecessary bloodshed. The last film was based on completely non-nonsensical and totally avoidable conflicts.

The Twilight Saga glorified romance with dead people turned to vampires and this romanticization of vampires continue till now. For some reason incomprehensible, people used to love the Twilight series and some still do. The books opened a whole new world of romance and fantasy and girls loved it. Several years later, girls may not be blinded by the ‘fantastical’ love story after being aware of all the flaws in the plot and may even cringe re-watching it, still, many hold the series close to their hearts, because it brings them memories of a time when they were young and naive.

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