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Top 15 Greatest Classic Novels Of All Time

This list of classic novels is about those timeless books that you can enjoy alongside learning some lessons contained within the pages of these books. The main reason these novels are classic is that their...

Top 15 Food Items You Need To Try In Delhi

Delhi is best known for two things— its rich history and its wide-ranging assortment of food. You ask any Delhiite what makes Delhi so exotic, they’ll tell you about its abounding history and delicious food....

TOP 15 LGBTQ Movies You Should Watch

LGBTQ representation in movies is on the rise, and the audience enjoys this portrayal of marginalized groups on screen. Some of these were applauded with critical praise and were able to win major awards like...

Top 15 Crazy Things Poets Of The Romantic Movement Have Done

Do you ever sit in your room and wonder would poets like Lord Byron or Percy Shelley approve of whatever you are doing right now? If the answer is, “Yes, they would approve,” then, congratulations...

Top 15 Animated Shows That Will Make You Nostalgic

Are you missing your childhood days? We all miss those innocent times of humming catchy theme songs, discussing cartoons with our friends, getting scolded by mom for watching too much T.V and completing homework in...

Top 15 Songs For All The Positive Vibes

Sometimes, it is nice to hear songs that uplift your mood and bring a smile to your face. Some songs bring you inner peace, make you feel energetic, or make you feel empowered, and this...

Top 15 Femme Fatales Who Still Rule The Screens

The femme fatale is bold, beautiful, and bad to the bones. Some features define her, she is magnetic, seductive, and often irresistible. She makes a sensational first impression, turns several heads, and immediately hooks up...


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15 Epic Love Stories of Indian History

The whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14th February, dedicated to St. Valentine and his love. Even our Indian history is decorated with many...

Top 15 Warning Signs Of A Gold Digger

Finding the right person for you could be difficult at times. We all tend to end up with people who are fit for ourselves....

Top 15 Summer Recipes You Should Try Out

Warm weather dishes can help make a better and enjoyable summer season. Here is the top searched summer recipes that are uniquely popular in...

Top 15 Weird but Interesting Facts about William Shakespeare

"To be or not to be"-who hasn't heard this famous quote by Shakespeare? He is remembered a the greatest writer in the history of English literature. He was a poet, playwright and an actor too.(ooh, an all rounder). We've all read some of his dramas or poems in school and if you're a student of literature, you must worship Shakespeare. He made theatre a means for the common masses to entertain themselves and get their point across. He has given our world some great classics that can never be replaced- Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Julius Caesar are some of his best dramas.

Top 15 Adaptable Measures to Boost Your Intelligence

It’s time to discuss how to boost intelligence. Intelligent people benefit from their past experiences, act decisively, resolve difficulties, and accordingly adjust to new...

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