Top 15 Adorable Family Cats You Can Adopt

Cats are the most preferred pets since they don’t need much maintenance, are very adorable, and are great companions. But when you live with your whole family, the one with kids, you need to be extra careful while choosing your cats. They are related to wild cats, so they have some of their characteristics.

Top 15 Adorable Family Cats You Can Adopt

1. Burmese Cat

burmese cat
Family Cat
source: international cat care

As the name suggests, Burmese cats have originated from Burma and developed in the United States and Britain. What makes them unique from other family cats is that they are extremely affectionate to their owners and love positive attention. They will follow you from one place to another and even have a friendly disposition around children. Furthermore, they are intelligent, active, playful, and curious, so surely a thumbs up if you bring them home.

2. Cornish Rex Cats

cornish rex cat
source: the dutiful cat

Another unique one on this list, Cornish Rex, does not have much hair. They have hair, but their coat is extremely thin, close to having nothing. They are also referred to as Greyhound of the cats due to their sleek appearance and gallop run characteristic. They are adventurous and intelligent, can readily adapt to new situations, and explore wherever they can go. What makes them great family cats is that they seek out people’s company and are friendly towards other companion animals.

3. Japanese Bobtails

japanese bobtails
source: fish subsidy

Japanese Bobtails get their name since they have an unusual bobtail more closely resembling a rabbit’s tail than that of other cats. Originated from Japan, these are found around the world and in almost any color. What makes them ideal family cats is that they are an active, sweet, loving, and highly intelligent breed. They are even called clannish as they make long-lasting friendships with their littermates.

4. Ragdolls

source: simple wikipedia

Ragdolls are a cute ball of fur, with a color point coat and blue eyes. They are even referred to as dog-like cats or puppy-like cats because they like following people around, can be handled with ease, and do not show aggression towards other pets. Their docile, calm, and floppy nature makes them a perfect breed of family cats.

5. Siamese cats

siamese cat
source: unsplash

Siamese is an extremely popular breed of family cats characterized by blue almond-shaped eyes, a triangular head, large ears, a slender and muscular body, and various forms of point coloration. What makes them excellent family cats is that they are friendly, active, intelligent, and very talkative.

6. Oriental cats

oriental cat
source: basepaws

Oriental cats are very similar to Siamese cats. They can be said to be social, intelligent, and many are rather vocal. Apart from being smart, they are known for their athletic abilities. Indeed, they will be a great companion for those who are looking for a loyal, friendly pal. Another advantage is that they look super adorable and are ideal heart warmers.

7. Siberian cats

siberian cat
source: cats- love to know

Siberian cat is a scarce breed; therefore, they have gained popularity and interest from cat lovers worldwide. People love them due to their sheer size and regal look. They are a beautiful creation and very friendly as pets. They are adventurous not only with people but also with other animals. Additionally, they have a calm demeanor, quiet sounds, and are mellow and playful.

8. Sphynx cats

sphynx cat
source: mental floss

Sphynx is known for its lack of coat. Their hairlessness is due to a genetic mutation. According to legends, they are exceptionally affectionate because they were kept with the queen for more extended periods than the other cats. Other than that, they are quite outgoing, mischievous, people-orientated, and attention-seeking. They are even said to greet their owners when they come home and even cuddle them.

9. Devon Rex cats

devon rex cat
source: the dutiful cat

Devon Rex originated from England and are known for their slender bodies, wavy coat, and large ears. If motivated, they are even capable of learning various tricks. Apart from that, they are active, energetic, delightful, and very affectionate towards their family and kids.

10. Tonkinese cats

tonkinese cat
source: the spruce pets

Tonkinese is a crossbreed of the Siamese and Burmese, so it has the best of both worlds. Like both their parents, they are highly intelligent, active, vocal, and generally people-oriented cats, playful and interested in everything going on around them. This also means they are easily susceptible to becoming lonesome or bored. So if you are looking for family cats you would love to invest time in, this one is for you.

11. Abyssinian Cats

abyssinian cat
source: mental floss

Abyssinian cats, unlike others, have a distinctive ticked tabby coat. They are also known as Abys. They are said to be one of the oldest cat species ever to exist. They have also been ranked as one of the top five cat breeds. A large part of their popularity is their unusual intelligence and generally extroverted, playful, willful personalities. They are highly dependent on human contact yet tend to be quiet cats, making them excellent candidates for family cats.

12. Bengal Cat

bengal cat
source: simply pets

Bengal cats may have a rugged appearance due to their physical similarity with leopards, but they aren’t much of a beast like they seem to be. They indeed are an energetic breed that needs much exercise and plays. Apart from that, they are active, inquisitive, confident, and curious—an ideal choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs.

13. Maine Coon Cats

maine coon cat

They are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They are large and social creatures. Also known as Gentle giants, these family cats have above-average intelligence, making them relatively easy to train. Additionally, they are loyal to family, protective about their loved ones, but not clingy—a perfect choice for a family with kids.

14. Ragamuffin Cats

ragamuffin cat
source: hills pet

Earlier, they were known to be one of the variant Ragdoll cats but were established as a separate breed in 1994. They have a thick, rabbitlike fur and are considered one of the laziest breed, very ideal for those who can’t invest much time for their pets. Their personality is loveable, docile, friendly, with a sweet temperament. They love to provide their humans with some severe companionship.

15. Scottish Fold Cat

scottish fold cat
source: pet365

Scottish fold cats have a distinctive owl-like appearance with folded ears. Furthermore, they are good-natured, calm family cats that adjust to other animals extremely well within a household. They are attached to their human caregivers and are, by nature, quite affectionate. They love to give and take attention especially, from little kids, who treat them politely with respect.

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