Top 15 Awesome Summer Hacks To Beat The Heat

The summer is around the corner and it is again the time of the month of lots of colours, fruits, and fun. But the heat can totally ruin your excitement if you do not select the right cloth to wear and do not take some precautions. So, here is a list of 15 summer hacks which you can swear to get the level of amusement you are expecting from the season.

Top 15 Awesome Summer Hacks To Beat The Heat

1. Wear Cotton Clothes

Wear Cotton Clothes
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The first and foremost rule is to replace all your satin and other material cloths with cotton. Cotton clothes are scientifically proven the best material to wear, especially in Summer. Cotton is not only comfortable but also skin-friendly, in which the skin can breathe freely.

2. Drink Water

Drink Water
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This is the most common point but we usually ignore it. But not drinking enough water can not only affect your skin but dehydration can lead to heatstroke and make you sick. So if you don’t want to pass the whole summer lying on the bed, you should start drinking water from today.

3. Use Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen
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Our skin is like the curtain of our body. To protect it from the scorching rays of the sun, sunscreen is a must for the summer. Unwanted exposure of skin to the sun can damage your skin forever.

4. Wear Light And Floral Combinations

Wear Light And Floral Combinations
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During the winters we get bored by wearing black, grey, deep blue and all those boring colours. Summer is the time to experiment with colours and shine like a sunflower.

5. Use Aloe Vera To Protect Skin

Use Aloe Vera To Protect Skin
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We cannot take the required care of the skin in these hectic days. But two simple and cheap item can sum up your summer skincare routine. Use aloe vera gel and rose water whenever you feel like and see the difference. The best part is both the ingredients can be used as cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

6. Carry An Umbrella

Carry an Umbrella
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One thing you must carry in your beg during the summer days is the umbrella. It helps you during the sudden rain as well as the sun rays.

7. Exercise

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Exercise is a must for every season to feel fresh and fit. Though we feel more lethargic during the summer we should not exclude exercise from our daily routine. But one thing should be kept in mind, that one should intake more fluids to balance out the glucose level in the body, which goes out with sweat.

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8. Use Sunglasses

Use Sunglasses
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Sunglasses are not only fashion statements, but a necessity during summer. Get the perfect pair for your face shape and protect your eyes with the sunglasses in the Summer.

9. Scarves

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A scarf during summer can protect both hair and skin in the summer. Many verities of colourful cotton scarves are available in the market. Scarves can also add a pop of colour in a boring outfit.

10. Smell Good

Smell Good
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Every one of us uses deo or some sort of fragrance in the summer. But here is a hack to smell good the whole day. One should apply a small amount of Vaseline on the areas, where you apply your perfume. It will make sure that the smell stays for a longer time.

11. Look Fashionable

Look Fashionable
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The best thing in summer is you can look good, without putting a lot of effort. Wearing crop tops is the best way to look stylish. We are lucky enough that high waisted bottoms are in trend. If you don’t want to show skin, you can pair your crop tops with high waisted pants. Palazzos are another easy way to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. If you are someone who cannot live without jeans, you can opt for those flared legged jeans.

12. Hair Styles

Hair Styles
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Get some time to care your hair. In the summer you can rock the hairstyles like a bun and a half updos. It will protect your hair from dust, at the same time help you to be comfortable and fresh the whole day.

13. Avoid Fried Food

Avoid Fried Food
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In the summer there is already a lot of heat inside out. Fried food can heat up your body, which is very bad for your health. Again it will make your stomach upset and your mood too.

14. Scrub Your Skin To Remove Unwanted Tan

Scrub Your Skin To Remove Unwanted Tan
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The scrub should be done at a regular interval in the summer. A little bit of tan is fine, but burnt skin creates really serious problems further. Three very easy ways to scrub your skin at home is to use either lemon and sugar or coffee or sea salt with oil. This can also moisturise your skin to make it healthier.

15. Add Fruits In Your Diet

Add Fruits In Your Diet
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Summer is all about varieties of different fruits be it mango, banana, grapes, papaya, watermelon etc. Eating fruit gives you the required glucose to your body as well as fiber.  So it is better to eat solid fruit than drink juice. You can also add fruits to your daily skincare routine. Banana, papaya, and tomato help to hydrate the skin and it is always a better option to go all-natural and organic.

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Harshita Madhav
Harshita Madhav
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