Top 15 Benefits Of Having Natural Curls

Lucky are the people who are endowed with naturally curly hair. Just 11% of the people in this world have them. Isn’t that a blessing? However, it’s disappointing that many of the people don’t appreciate this precious gift of nature, and they straighten their hair permanently. If you are one among them, going through these points might change your mind. The benefits of having natural curls are as follow.

Top 15 Benefits Of Having Natural Curls

1. Centre Of Attraction

Centre Of Attraction
Source: Good Housekeeping

Wherever you go, you will stand out from the crowd. People can’t take their eyes off your hair. You rock any and every party you attend. Whether you are a woman or a man, those amazing natural curls will always be the center of attention.

2. Tons Of Compliments

Tons Of Compliments
Source: Well+Good

Whether you are traveling, at a party, at school, at college, or the office or anywhere, there is no one who would not compliment your hair. Those beautiful locks are the first thing that anyone would notice when they look at you.

3. Voluminous

Source: Wired

One of the benefits of having natural curls is that it is full of volume. You don’t need any special products to increase the volume of your hair. You don’t even have to worry about shampooing or oiling your hair. Wet hair or oiled hair won’t affect the volume of your hair that much. Straight hair tends to appear thin when wet or when they are oiled.

4. Dual Personality

Dual Personality
Source: The Mirror

When you straighten your hair, you are a completely new personality. You look different. Curly hair makes you unique. People are used to it, and suddenly, when you straighten them, they are stunned. You look different, unlike usual days.

5. Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance
Source: Fashion Pivot

Many people think that curly hair is difficult to manage and you have to spend a lot on it. No, it’s not the case. You have to rarely comb it, shampoo it less often, visit beauty salons less frequently, and buy fewer hair products. Also, you don’t have to spend much on styling and your hair has fewer knots and tangles so you need not brush it regularly.

6. Heavenly

Source: Stylist

The early Greek gods and goddesses are depicted with curly hair, and the statues look so elegant. In Greek culture, curly hair is considered divine and beautiful. In the Shakespearian play ‘Merchant of Venice,’ Portia (a character), who is acknowledged worldwide because of her beauty and intelligence, is also described with curly hair.

7. Always Looks Cool

Always Looks Cool
Source: Reader’s Digest

Whether you tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun or braid it or just leave it open, it always looks awesome. You can go without shampooing for days as it never appears dirty even though it may be. You can try any hairstyle and any haircut.

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8. Easily Spotted

Easily Spotted
Source: The Independent

You can be easily spotted anywhere, be it an airport or malls or railway station, or any public place. It’s easier for your friends and family members to find you out, and you won’t be lost in the crowd.

9. Unnoticeable Damages

Unnoticeable Damages
Source: Allure

One of the best benefits of having natural curls is that people can’t see the damages in your hair. Curly hair is also prone to different kinds of hair damages, but they can’t be noticed. Heat damage, chemical damage, dandruff, split ends, breakage, hair fall, etc. are easily visible in straight hair, but not in curly hair.

10. Admired By All

Source: Glow Habits

Who doesn’t want those curls? There’s no one who doesn’t like them. People spend a hell lot of money to get those pretty locks. Lots of people want to touch them, and if you have curly hair, then you can totally relate to this.

11. It’s Just Fun

It's Just Fun
Source: Medium

Pulling a curl and watching it go back, spiraling your finger along with the curl, dividing one curl into lots of smaller ones, and what not you can do with your hair. It’s fun to play with it, which is not the case with the straight ones. Every time you wash it, it comes out to be something new, and it’s so exciting. Sometimes you have so many curls, sometimes less, sometimes not at all, and sometimes it looks like a lion’s mane.

12. Bounciness


Apart from being voluminous, curly hair is bouncy that makes it more charming. The straight-haired girls cannot attain this bounciness even after applying so many products. Of course, their hair may flutter in the wind, though.

13. No Requirement Of Machines

No Requirement Of Machines
Source: Hair Adviser

Curly hair is great to go without any machines or hair products. Just wash it, scrunch it, let it air dry, and it’s done. You don’t have to use either a blow dryer or a diffuser. If you straighten it too often, stop it. Just embrace your natural curls and love them.

14. Getting Ready Quickly

Getting Ready Quickly
Source: Flare

You don’t have to spend a lot of time grooming your hair, unlike other girls using machines and hair accessories. Leave it open. You have to spend time on makeup and dress, and you are all set. You will take almost half of the time required by the other girls.

15. All Weather Friendly

All Weather Friendly
Source: All Things Hair

You don’t have to worry whether it’s scorching heat or extreme cold; your hair will always look lively. When you straighten it temporarily, you have to keep it away from water; otherwise, it becomes wavy and gradually becomes curly within no time. Though monsoon may be a bit problematic for your hair, it will again become normal as it dries up.

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