Top 15 Unique Beaches Around The World

Are you also one of those people who make endless plans with your friends to take a trip to Goa? There’s obviously something about the beautiful sea shores, the white sand, the adventurous water sports, and the delicious sea food, which entices us to plan all our holidays around beach destinations.

However, there are some unique beaches around the world that are more than what meets the eye. From the glassy shore to the pink sand, these unique beaches carry a sense of unconventional beauty and tranquility within them. To embark on a memorable holiday of your life, here are the top 15 unusual and unique beaches around the world that are ought to amaze you.

Top 15 Unique Beaches Around The World

1. Bioluminescent Beach (Maldives)

Bioluminescent Beach (Maldives)

We all have fantasised about taking a stroll at the beach on a starry night but what if these shining stars, or in the case of Maldives, shining planktons are on the beach itself? The Bioluminescent beach gets its beauty from the phytoplankton that gives off light when they are agitated by the surf. This beach is a perfect holiday destination for travel enthusiasts.

2. Maho Beach ( Saint Martin)

Maho Beach ( Saint Martin)

The unique thing about this beach is that it is super close to Princess Juliana International Airport in Maho. All you can see in the sky are planes and many times the planes can even touch you while you’re sunbathing. This is a great spot for aviation freaks and plane spotters.

3. Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas)

Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas)

A dash of colour even in a place like a beach can make things much more interesting and pretty. The Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas is one of the most scenic, unique beaches. The beach gets its pink colour from the washed-up coral remnants, which are grounded to tiny pieces by the surf.

4. Black Sand Beach (Hawaii)

Black Sand Beach (Hawaii)

This is an ideal place for people who want to break the monotony of only witnessing the yellow sand beaches. This beach at Punalu’u Park, Hawaii gets its jet black sand colour from basalt lava, which explodes as it flows into the sea and rapidly cools. Black Sand Beach is a gorgeous reason for you to pack your bags and travel to Hawaii.

5. Koekohe Beach (New Zealand)

Koekohe Beach (New Zealand)

The Moeraki Boulders or Dragon Eggs found at this beach are one of the most exceptional things that you’ll ever have the pleasure of witnessing. These boulders of sedimentary rock got uncovered and smoothed by pounding waves. If you are a photography enthusiast then this beach is waiting to get captured in a camera.  

6. Vanishing Beach (Orissa, India)

Vanishing Beach (Orissa, India)

Chandipur Beach at Orissa has one of the most unusual features associated with it – the vanishing shoreline. The sea recedes up to 5km giving the people an opportunity to walk on the sea bed, collect underwater marine particles, and find red crabs, sea-shells, and much more. It’s important to come back before the next high tide as that is when the sea rushes back to its place.  

7. Glass Beach (California)

Glass Beach (California)

Although Glass Beach was initially a waste dumping site for the locals, it eventually turned into a glossy beach with tiny pieces of degraded glasses. Most of the broken pieces have been washed away by the waves, leaving miniature multi-coloured trinkets that look absolutely beautiful. On top of it, the people who want to swim here don’t have to face any problems.

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8. Hidden Beach (Mexico)

Hidden Beach (Mexico)

As soon as you think of a beach, you also think about the baggage it comes with – the crowd. However, the Hidden Beach in the Marieta Islands provides you with all the privacy you need. This unusual landscape was formed after the Mexican government used the uninhabited islands for target practice in the 1990s.

9. Hot Water Beach (New Zealand)

For all the spa lovers out there, this location is your chance to get the relaxing hot water geothermal mineral spa at the beach itself. The Hot Water Beach of the Coromandel Peninsula provides hot water springs that bubble up between low and high tide. People often scoop out burrows in sand to create infrastructure for their personalized spas.

10. The Beach of the Cathedrals (Spain)

The Beach of the Cathedrals (Spain)

The most striking feature of this beach is the beautiful cathedral-like arches and buttresses that were formed by pounding water for thousands of years. During low tide, you can admire the size of its magnificent cliffs and the picturesque sea caves. Visiting this place during high tide is also great as you get to swim and wander over the top of the cliffs.

11. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach (California)

Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach (California)

Pfeiffer State beach or famously known as Purple Sand Beach in Big Sur California is one of the most breathtaking beaches you’ll ever see. The purple sand at this beach is found in patches and is formed when manganese garnet deposited in the surrounding hills get eroded into the sea. The purple hues are caused by different minerals and look just perfect.

12. Zlatni Rat Beach (Croatia)

Zlatni Rat Beach (Croatia)

Apart from the name of the beach, another unique thing about it is its changing shape. This beach appears to have a slim and narrow marine tongue, which goes up to 300 yards in the sea and amazingly changes its shape with water currents.

13. Benagil Sea Cave Beach (Portugal)

Benagil Sea Cave Beach (Portugal)

This is arguably the most famous sea cave beach in the entire world. The stunning sea caves in the Algarve coast are formed due to limestone which gets easily eroded. The Benagil Beach has beautiful arched entrances and a small beach inside. The best way to reach this beach is through a boat or a kayak.

14. Schoolhouse Beach (U.S.A)

Schoolhouse Beach (U.S.A)

If you dislike beaches only because of the sticky sand then Schoolhouse Beach in Wisconsin should be your go-to. This beach is made up of smooth, glacier-polished sedimentary limestone that is non-gluey. This destination is a perfect choice if you love walking on the beach barefoot.

15. Jökulsárlón Beach (Iceland)

Jökulsárlón Beach (Iceland)

Who said a beach has to be all hot and sweaty? The Jökulsárlón Beach in Iceland has white snow chunks lying all over the black volcanic sand that depicts the perfect picture of contrast in one frame. Moreover, the white glassy chunks of ice are ought to give you all the cold you want.

It’s the time to pull up your socks, gear your traveller’s cravings, and experience unusual yet awesome unique beaches of the world.  

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