Top 15 Books You Should Read this Summer

The best way to spend your summer is to travel, go on adventures, eat and read a lot of books. It is important to gain knowledge along with experience. It is good to dive into books and forget about stress for some time- perfect stress buster! Here are fifteen books that you can try reading this summer

Top 15 Books You Should Read this Summer

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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The author of this book Mark Manson was a former dating coach and in this book, he tells you how to go on with life without letting anyone stop you. The main aim of this book is to tell you that your happiness matters the most, you should not let negative people ruin your happiness, always focus on tour goals, take risks and never give up. This book is exactly what you need this summer- it will enhance your confidence and change your perspective of life.

2. Harry Potter Series

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J.K. Rowling has embedded all the magic and fantasy of the world into this book. If you haven’t started with the series, then you should start reading it. The book will take you away from your reality and put you into the magical world of Hogwarts. It will teach you about life, friendships and magic!

3. The Fault in Our Stars

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This book is surely the epitome of what love is all about. A love story which is selfless and beautiful. Unravel the journey of two cancer patients and how they fall in love. John Green has described love so beautifully that you’ll probably begin to cry by the end of the book. Augustus and Hazel support each other throughout their journey and in the midst of that fall for each other. The characters, the quotes and the storyline of the book is just perfect!

4. Into the Water

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Paula Hawkins has written this psychological suspense and you won’t be able to stop reading until the suspense gets unravelled. You won’t get to know the main criminal of the story until you read the last line of the last chapter. The author has made sure that she keeps you on hook throughout the book. This is one of the best suspense and thriller books that you’ll ever read.

5. Digital Fortress

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Dan Brown is the author of this techno-thriller story- which is a blend of science fiction, thriller, suspense, spy fiction, action and a pinch of love. The whole book is about how the National Security agency breaks down a mysterious code. The lead character Susan fights for her company, her country, her life and for her love after being betrayed from all sides.

6. Sita- Warrior of Mithila

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Sita is a fantasy and mythological story of the brave princess of Mithila. Amish Tripathi has very creatively explained the wars and struggles fought by Sita during her exile. Her whole life journey has been explained in the book and how she becomes the saviour of the humankind. It is a book that mystifies the courage and the sacrifices of a woman that saved everyone.

7. Milk and Honey

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A book that describes violence, abuse, loss, love, pain, heartache and femininity through poem and proses. Rupi Kaur has very beautifully described the part and parcel of life. She teaches us to find good things in bad circumstances. If you are willing to see and be positive, there is positivity everywhere.

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8. The Alchemist

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Paulo Coelho is known for writing philosophical and mystical fiction, he expresses the teachings of life through fiction. This book tells us about how we should always listen to our heart and gut, seek and recognizing opportunities and learning to see the signs that life drops at every step of our life. The book also teaches us to follow our dreams and fulfil them.

9. Geronimo Stilton Series

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t is a children’s fiction but even as an adult you can’t resist reading this book. The book is very creatively written and you can literally imagine yourself in the Stilton’s world. It is all about the adventures of a mouse and is amazing for a light read.

10. The Girl On The Train

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Again, a psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins. It is about a girl who catches the same train every day and knows everything about that particular train- the timings, the passengers and the house that passes by. She starts to feel that she knows the people in that house and thinks that they have a perfect life. One day she sees something shocking which changes her life and hen they see that she is more than just the girl on the train.

11. Thirteen Reasons Why

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This name has got its fame from Netflix but the book is equally good. Jay Asher has written this young adult novel and has described the reasons for a girl who takes her own life. The girl Hannah Baker who took her own life records each and every reason for her suicide and sends it to every person who is responsible for it. Explore the life of Hannah Baker as every chapter discloses a new victim.

12. The Sun and Her Flowers

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A poetry book was written by Rupi Kaur to heal people and explain the importance of growth. She describes the journey of rising up, healing, growing and finding embrace in your own self. It is a journey about falling, failing, stabilising, rising, healing and blooming.

13. Murder On The Orient Express

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Agatha Christie wrote this crime-mystery book. It is one of the mysterious crime that you’ll ever read with the victim is on the Orient Express with stab wounds, suspects and detective. You’ll have to complete the whole book to know what is the mystery and end your curiosity.

14. The Notebook

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The book written by Nicholas Spark describes everlasting love and is a personal favourite of all teenage girls. It is a rollercoaster of emotions and miracles happening every now and them. A love story filled with mystery, selflessness and determination.

15. Tell Me Your Dreams

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It is a thriller mystery with a little bit of romantic suspense mixed in it and is written by Sidney Sheldon. The lead has been having terrible nightmares and she feels like she is been watched continuously. Three young women are suspected of a series of murders. Your mind will blow up when you come to know about the culprit and the state of the lead.

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