Top 15 Exclusive Tips for Preserving Good Eyesight

Have you ever thought that your overall health may be benefitted from taking care of your eyes alone? People with weak vision are more prone to getting diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, etc. as compared to people with good vision. The eyes as one of the important sensory organs play an indispensable role in visual data collection and retention along with the brain. In order to seek all the plus points for the preservation of eyesight, read the subsequent top 15 exclusive tips.

Top 15 Exclusive Tips for Preserving Good Eyesight

1. Healthy Nourishment

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Healthy nourishment is the most important thing for healthy eyesight. A proper and healthy diet should contain green leafy vegetables and rich sources of vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Omega-3 and Zinc. Intake of eggs, spinach, oranges, carrots, beans, kale, salmon, milk cheese, poultry etc. are essential for maintaining good eyesight.

2. Hydration is a Must

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Adequate liquid intake is indispensable to your body’s overall well-being, comprising the eyes. If you take the appropriate amount of liquid and stay sufficiently hydrated, your eyes will not get dry and irritated.

3. Take a Pause

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While reading or working, after every 30 minutes, you should set a reminder to look up and away to some distant mark for around 30 seconds. Eye tiredness and eyestrain can be prevented by this method. You can even close your eyes for a minute and feel the relaxing power you get in your eyes. 

4. Do Wear Goggles

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Goggles should be worn compulsorily when engaged in carpentry or swimming. Special carpentry goggles will avoid debris from triggering corneal abrasions. Similarly, an aptly suitable pair of swimming goggles will guard your eyes against chlorine.

5. Routine Safety

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Every time you leave the house, putting on sunglasses is a must. Drying effects of the wind, harmful and hot sun rays will be blocked by the use of sunglasses.

6. Hygienic Surroundings

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Irritation in the eyes can be caused due to exposure to dust and dirt. As a result, surroundings frequently visited by you should be hygienic and well preserved. The workplace should be clutter-free. At home, bedsheets and towels should be changed regularly.

7. Keep Your Eyes Clean

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Sometimes, even small pieces of make-up can wind up and result in scratching up of the cornea. Hence, it’s mandatory to remove your eye make-up every night.

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8. Avoid Usage of Same Towel

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Every time you clean your face, try to use a fresh and hygienic towel. Vastly transmittable eye infection known as conjunctivitis can occur in an assured way owing to the use of the same face towels by everyone.

9. Use Herbs or Spices on Behalf of Salt

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It has been found that diets with high salt content can escalate your risk of certain kinds of cataracts. Consequently, it’s important to avoid such foodstuff. Processed foods also contain salt therefore, labels should be checked before buying canned and other prepared foods.

10. Routine Physical Exams for Sugar and High Blood Pressure

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Eye problems can also be the result of high blood pressure and diabetes. Vision damage from diabetic retinopathy, eye strokes can occur due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, regular checkups should be done without causing a delay.

11. Eye Check at least Every Two Years

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Comprehensive and effective checkups of eyes at least every two years can ensure the revealing of early signs of any eye problem. Apart from it, the increased or decreased number of your contact lenses or spectacles can be detected through a regular eye exam.

12. Don’t Smoke

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Smoking is detrimental to health. Smokers are at a larger risk of emerging age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye problems. Smoking should be stopped as soon as possible.

13. Protection from Direct Exposure to Sun

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Sunglasses can shield your eyes but, wearing a large hat can block UV rays to a great extent leaving your eyes safer. A hat or a cap can protect your eyes from those harmful sun rays which can enter your eyes from above or around the sunglasses.

14. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

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Hands are full of dirt, bacteria and dust at the end of the day. Rubbing eyes with dirty hands will transfer all the dirt into your eyes and can exaggerate the irritation and can even lead to infection in your eyes. Instead of rubbing eyes, it should be cleaned with water.

15. Practice Frequent Hand Washing

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Wash your hands regularly to keep bacteria at bay and prevent them from getting in contact with your eyes, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Most of us are aware of the importance of our eyes and their health but, still ignore it at times. Regular eye tests are crucial ways to keep eye problems in check. Any new borne eye problem can be detected immediately and treated soon with the consultation and recommendation of the doctor. Taking care of our eyes and comprehensive checkups is paramount and should be done with utmost priority.

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