Top 15 Different And Stylish Heels You Must Know

Fashion is all about making a statement. And the right pair of heels has a lot to do with it. A great outfit and the perfect pair of heels is all you need to look fabulous. There are different and stylish heels in fashion, and this article will help you know more about them. Take a look!

Top 15 Different And Stylish Heels You Must Know

1. High Heels

High heels
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High heels definitely don’t need an introduction. These heels are about 4-6 inches in height. They are made in various designs using different fabrics & colours. High heels look spectacular. They are ideal to wear at parties or other occasions where one wishes to elevate their entire look with the help of footwear. 

2. Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels
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Wedges are the kind of footwear that provide both great looks and comfort. The design of wedge heels is such that there is no separation between the sole and the heels. As you can see in the picture, there’s this whole log or block as the heel. There are various styles in wedges.

3. Stilettos

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Stilettos are the stylish heels that are not just super long, but thin as well. The height of such heels ranges up to 25 cms. Stilettos are clearly not supposed to be worn every day, especially considering their height. They look very dressy and stylish when worn with appropriate outfits and on the right occasions.

4. Platform Heels 

Platform Heels
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Platform heels are more comfortable than other stylish heels. These type of heels have this extra layer of the shoe under the sole in order to make the feet feel more comfortable. The designs, patterns, and heel height may differ. However, the basic idea of a platform heel remains the same.

5. Pumps

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The front of the toes gets covered with pumps. These are the stylish heels that usually do not have any belts or fastening. The tips of their heels are wider. The heel heights can range from low to high. These look pretty stylish and aren’t as uncomfortable as stilettos. They can be worn regularly, with casuals, formals, or even during a night out. 

6. Peep Toes 

Peep toes
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Peep toes don’t just have an interesting name, but they look quite pretty. It could be any style of heels that have a small opening at the toes so that some part of the toes is visible. These ones belong to stylish heels and complement various outfits like jeans, palazzos, or even dresses.

7. Block Heels

Block Heels
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Block heels are the next big thing when it comes to comfort and style. These heels aren’t too long and thin but look like a block. Such a heel helps to distribute your body weight in a better way, making it comfortable. Block heels elevate the entire look – be it formals, jeans, casuals, skirts, or dresses. The picture shows the ankle strap block heels.

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8. Kitten Heels 

Kitten Heels
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Kitten heels are super adorable, trendy, and comfy. In other words, these stylish heels are effortlessly fashionable. The heels are short in height, around 1.5 to 1.75 inches. They are also slightly curvy. They give you some extra height, along with a hint of style.

9. Cone Heels 

Cone Heels
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A cone heel does justice to its name. The heels are designed in the shape of a cone. They are wider at the base (where there is the sole) and keep getting narrower towards the tips (where they reach the ground). There can be various different heel heights, but the shape remains the same.

10. Ankle Strap And Sling Back Heels

Ankle Strap And Sling Back Heels
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Ankle strap heels are those that have a thin strap that has to be fastened to wear the heels. The fastening could be a velcro patch or a buckle. Sling back heels, on the other hand, have a belt attached behind. Those thin straps are supposed to be pulled and rested just above the heel of the foot. Both styles secure the feet’s heels while walking. The ones in the image are sling back pumps.

11. Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels
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Chunky heels do absolute justice to their name. These stylish heels are quite big in size and usually showy. The base of these heels is wider and square in shape. These showy or glittery chunk of heels are sure to turn heads, as they look quite attractive. Wearing these heels with a sober outfit will make your look stand out!

12. Espadrille Heels 

 Espadrille Heels
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Espadrilles are pretty popular as shoes for a very long time. It is espadrille heels that are relatively newer, and have been catching attention ever since they are here. These stylish heels have their soles made of woven esparto rope. The upper part is made of cloth or canvas. These are quite light in weight and comfortable.

13. Comma Heels

Comma Heels
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Comma heels are pretty unique. These are short in length and are slightly curved. The curvy shape resembles that of a comma. Such heels look pretty classy. Wearing comma heels with a dress looks pretty nice, as they pair quite well with one as you get the height you need with stylish, wearable footwear.

14. Cut Out Heels

Cut Out Heels
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Cut out heels have their upper part cut out in different styles. These heels have various patterns. Quite fashionable, these stylish heels have recently been trending a lot. You can rock this creative patterned pair with jeans, dresses, or jumpsuits, and look super fashionable!

15. Mule Heels  

Mule Heels
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Mules are the kind of footwear that are open around the heel of the foot. Similarly, mule heels are heightened and heeled footwear that is very easy to wear (like slip-on) and super comfortable as well. There are no belts or fastening, making them look and feel different than a usual pair of heels.  

There are some other heels such as decorative heels, fantasy heels, oxford heels, Cuban heels, flare heels, spool heels, corset heels, slim heels, ankle booties, French heels, etc. But these are the Top 15 different and stylish heels that you must know about. Now that you know a lot, you might up your shopping game, and thus the kind of statement you can make with your heels alone!

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