Top 15 DIY Snacks for Your Late Night Hunger!

Whether you are a night owl who simply refuses to follow a normal sleep pattern, or a staunch foodie who can feel hungry or crave stuff anytime of the day; you are at the right place. For that time of the night when you feel like eating something that’s super tasty and quick to fix; here are the Top 15 Midnight Snack Ideas for you to try!

1. Mini Pizza

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A Mini or Bread Pizza is like a miniature version of a Pizza. You just need slices of bread, a little ketchup, some onion, tomatoes and cheese. A dash of mixed herbs or chilly flakes will add some more fun. Very easy to make, and quite delicious in taste!

2. Paneer Wrap

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Paneer Wrap is sort of a Frankie, made with the help of some chapatis and a mix made with cubes of Paneer (Cottage Cheese), sliced onions, capsicum & tomatoes, along with some spices. Although you need a little prep beforehand, it sure is a super simple & tasty snack to calm your midnight hunger pangs.

3. Pan-fried Potatoes

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Boiled potatoes are sautéed or pan-fried in some oil, only adding salt, fresh black pepper powder, and some Chaat masala. It’s super comforting and immensely scrumptious, apart from being the easiest DIY snack ever! You can totally make it on your own and relish it piping hot, just make sure you get that crispy layer on the outside. 

4. Nachos

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A pack of ready to eat nachos can help prepare an exciting midnight snack. You can eat flavoured nachos all by themselves as well. However, a dip or topping to go with it can do wonders. Toppings totally depend on your creativity & the availability of ingredients. Onions, tomatoes, corn, jalapeño, however you like it! You can also eat nachos with a cheesy dip. And that’s definitely a simpler way out.

5. Puffed Rice Bhel

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Puffed rice make for a great combination of healthy and tasty. You can buy readymade packs called Sev Murmura or Lemon Surti Bhel to make your own snack out of them. Just add some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, chillies, coriander leaves, Chaat Masala, lemon juice, and Voila! You’re done. The bhel is very light & delicious!


6. Potato Wedges

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Potato Wedges are too good to not be a part of this list. The extent of joy this dish provides just cannot be justly described. Halved potatoes, sliced and deep-fried until golden and crisp on the outside, a pinch of salt & black pepper, and they’re ready to binge on! Potato Wedges are just irresistibly good!

7. Sandwich or Toast 

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Sandwiches are again very easy to make and quite filling as well. You can either go for a regular sandwich with slices of potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes; sandwiched between buttered bread slices. Another choice would be a toast sandwich, something like a cheese chilly toast or any sandwich that’s toasted on a Tawa.

8. Spicy Butter Corn

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Corn is another very nutritious and wholesome food item. It’s usually easily available in the market. You can use boiled corn kernels to make spicy butter corn or Masala corn. You just need a spoonful of butter, some chilly powder, spices, Chaat Masala & boiled corn kernels. It’s a great choice for a midnight snack.

9. Masala Papad

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Masala Papad is extremely easy to prepare, especially if you know how to chop well. It basically needs only papad (fried or roasted) that you can top with a mix made of chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and Chaat Masala. That is it. Super DIY, quick and tasty midnight snack is ready!

10. Popcorn

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Popcorn! Who says popcorn is just for movie times! It’s not just easy to make and appetizing, but also highly nutritious. You can make popcorn from the readily available packets, with some additional butter and spices. Some people also like cheese in their popcorn. It’s a quick & simple choice for your night time binge watching!

11. Chana Chaat

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You just need pre-soaked and boiled Bengal Gram or Chana. You can add onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, green chillies, lemon salt, red chilly powder and rock salt to it. Mix mix mix, and you’re done! It’s wholesome, healthy and very high in protein. The hit of lemon juice and fresh coriander make the flavour much more interesting.

12. Ready to Fry Frozen Food 

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So this one’s not completely homemade. But these frozen food packets are easily available in the market. There are multiple options such as fries, nuggets, smileys etc. to choose from. They usually have potatoes as their core ingredient. You can stock up on some variants in your deep freeze, and fry them up when you suddenly feel hungry at midnight.

13. Pasta 

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Pastas are super appetizing and quite delicious. There are quick recipes or elaborate ones; with basic ingredients or a lot of them. It’s up to your taste as to what kind of pasta you prefer. Just ensure you stock up some different types of pasta and cheese, along with basic herbs. Especially when you don’t feel up to making a detailed sauce.

14. Biscuit Canapés

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Your favourite brand of savoury biscuits can be made into a snack as well. You just need some creativity, a decent pantry and of course biscuits. Some topping choices could be a mix of cheese, tomatoes & herbs or something like that. It makes for a bite-sized goodness.

15. Chips 

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Chips! Potatoes can be devoured in every way in terms of snacks. You can totally get a pack of chips, as there are SO many flavours readily available. You can also bake or fry potato chips yourself, either as thinly sliced wafers or as finger chips. Make sure you also add some chilly flakes & other stuff to add your own twist, and enjoy with a dip or Salsa!

These were the Top 15 Midnight Snack Ideas that can come handy for you to satisfy your cravings and calm those midnight hunger pangs! You can try any of these and share your reviews. 

Also, never hesitate to be creative, especially in case of food! It’s a great space to experiment & learn a few lessons. Just listen to your heart (and stomach), and you might create something awesome!

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