Top 15 Hair Care Basics for Women

Hair Care for Women can get easily neglected owing to the vastness of the responsibilities they possess. However, one should keep in mind that the more you look after your body, the better it handles you. Always remember that the right care can make huge differences, in a very short time. Here are the Top 15 Hair Care Basics for Women!

Top 15 Hair Care Basics for Women

1. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Daily 

Don't Shampoo Your Hair Daily

Not shampooing your hair every single day is the number one thing you should know. Even if you think that your hair turns sweaty or bad quickly, rinsing them daily works well instead of using a shampoo. No matter what brand, shampoos contain a lot of chemicals. It’s ideally good to not good to expose our scalp to such artificiality, constantly.

2. Oil your Hair!

Oil your Hair!

You should 100% start oiling your hair at least once a week, if you aren’t already. Nourishment of the hair is extremely important for effective hair care. You can ideally use coconut oil, almond oil or any kind of oil that suits you. It’s a matter of time you’ll start noticing softer, smoother, shinier & healthier hair.

3. Hair Masking

Hair Masking
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In recent times, face masks have been trending like anything on the internet. But one thing you should also know is that hair masks are immensely useful and that they can help treat different kinds of hair or scalp related problems. You can totally try DIY hair masks using coconut oil, honey; banana, yogurt, and honey, etc. to get nourished (non-frizzy) hair. There are different masks meant for different issues.

4. Never Rub Wet Hair

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Rubbing your wet hair with a towel creates friction and causes an out of unwanted hair fall. Wet hair already tends to be pretty fragile and rubbing with a towel in order to dry the hair, instead of gently pat drying is always a bad idea. In fact, you should always consider using a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel to tie up your wet hair, as that’s quite gentle on them.

5. Brush Your Hair More Often

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Though you might think that this one is too basic to be listed, it’s important to know that many people don’t really do it more than once a day. Brushing your hair has multiple benefits, apart from detangling them. It helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp, get rid of tiny dirt particles and also lets the hair breathe. 

6. Less Heat

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As much as styling the hair in different looks has become important, you should definitely try to use lesser heat, that’s hair styling tools such as curler, straightener, blow dryer etc. This is because excessive exposure heat can really damage your hair and ultimately lead them to break and fall. Heating tools also cause loss of that shine & natural essential oils present in the hair.

7. Use Heat Protectants

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If you’re into a profession that requires you to use a lot of heat & hair styling tools, make sure you apply a heat protectant in order to maximize the damage control. You just need to spray it before using the respective styling tool. There are various brands available in the market which provide good heat protectants at reasonable prices. 

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8. Trim Trim Trim!

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If you can’t go for haircuts often, make sure you trim your hair at least once in 3 months. It’s a very important thing to do, in order to not just give shape to the shapeless hair, but also get rid of split ends, let the ends breathe and most importantly, to help them grow even faster. Remember, a trim is just a trim, you don’t have to bother about losing a lot of length.

9. Visit a Dermatologist

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Whenever you find something wrong with your hair; stuff such as dandruff, lice, itchiness, excessive hair fall etc. You should not refrain from paying a visit to the dermatologist and getting it checked once. It’s very important to get a clinical diagnosis done at an early stage so that you can take the corrective steps effective immediately, instead of landing into trouble later.

10. Be Mindful of Products

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When you buy any products for your hair; be it a shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, heat protectant etc. you should be very careful about their composition. Always try to avoid ones having sulfate. Another tip would be to go for more cruelty-free and organic brands. Remember, expenses incurred for your well-being are more of investments than expenses. 

11. Head Massage

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You cannot believe how useful massages are in terms of hair care. A good head massage can really make you feel relaxed. Apart from this, it can also rejuvenate the cells in your head, increase blood circulation (great for hair growth), nourish your scalp & roots of your hair, and ultimately, make you feel far better.

12. Comb from Ends towards Roots

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If you want to avoid unwanted breakage of your hair while brushing or combing, follow this tip. Instead of going top to down, which means from the roots to tip; you can start from the tips of your hair to the middle and gradually move upwards towards the roots on your scalp. As there are a lot of tangles (especially in long hair), this can help minimize the breakage during brushing. 

13. Let Loose!

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You should really not tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail ALL the time. It’s important to let your hair loose for them to breathe. If you constantly tie your hair up someway or the other, your hair tends to be in a stretched position, that causes pressure. Instead, letting them down helps to release that strain and be in a far better state.

14. Loosely Braid during Night-time

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This one is more like an additional tip. Braiding your during night time is a great way to ensure that your hair doesn’t get messy, tangled and more prone to unwanted breakage, while you’re asleep. If you braid your hair, especially after applying some oil, it’ll help to make them be as shiny & silky as ever. You can also trust this method to get some nice natural waves!

15. Use a Silk Pillowcase

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Using a silk pillowcase is a very good idea for your hair and face as well! You should replace your regular pillowcase with a silk one, so as to reduce the friction on the hair causing damage. Whether your hair is thick, curly, frizzy or dry; silk pillowcases always work well with all different kinds of hair.

These were the Top 15 Hair Care Basics for Women. Make sure you follow these and maintain healthy, nourished hair. Once you get the basics right & also get used to them, it’s a huge way out of very many problems, straightaway.

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