Top 15 Effective Ways To Grow Social Media Engagement

Social media has truly evolved as a platform to gain income and popularity especially, among the younger generation, but the main hurdle that people face here is the lack of growth. So here we are to your rescue.

Top 15 Effective Ways To Grow Social Media Engagement

1.Post Engaging Content

Ways To Grow Social Media Engagement
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The key to attract an audience is to post content that will keep your audience engaged. Your goal must not be to increase the audience’s size. Instead, it would be best if you focused on keeping your audience involved. Engagement turns followers into fans, and that, in turn, attracts more people. If you aren’t sure what content will keep your audience engaged, search online; you’ll find various websites that will guide you with the type of content you could upload.

2.Respond To Comments

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You might not believe this at first, but comments do play an important role. Make a habit of responding to every comment or at least most of them in the best way possible. To be popular on social media, you need to connect with your audience, so consider comments as an opportunity to communicate with your followers. Respond to both positive and negative comments, appreciate each one of them in the best way possible.

3.Encourage People To Like, Share, And Subscribe

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Notice the YouTubers. No matter how big or small their popularity is, they always ask their followers to like, share, and subscribe? Not just youtube, you can observe this habit on almost every social media website. People are more likely to like and share your content if you request them to do so.

4.Start A Facebook Group

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Facebook groups provide a great opportunity to increase social media engagement. Groups are considered to be more social than pages as members are free to post their questions at any time. Facebook Groups allow your customers to communicate with each other. Here is a little tip; make sure that you too are active in these groups to strengthen your relationship with your audience. Various Facebook pages help you gain followers. All you have to do is join them.

5. Organize contest and giveaways

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No one ever lets go of the opportunity to earn some free goodies, so make sure to organize contests and giveaways now and then. You can ask people to follow you or tag their friends below as the guidelines to participate in these contests, and trust me; this will make a huge difference in your followers count. The goodies you provide them must definitely be good and of some value so that people actually put effort to grab them.

6. Use Images As Much As You Can

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Images tend to attract more people than the rest of the options. So whether you are tweeting or posting a story, make sure to add an image to it. Images are a classic way to grab attention and are among the best ways to grow social media engagement.

7. Extend Your Reach

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An increase in the number of followers will make it easier for you to get more of them. It’s basically because people tend to follow those accounts which already have a huge follower count. To increase the count, you must ask people and already well-settled social media accounts to give you shoutouts or try commenting on other influencers’ posts regarding your account and why one must follow it. It might sound like a lot of effort, but nothing here is a piece of cake.

8. Ask Questions

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Asking questions is another great way of keeping your audience engaged and entertained. Whether it’s in captions or stories, ask your followers questions. The questions must be fun and something people might want to invest time in. For example, you can post different outfits and ask your followers to suggest which among them is better.

9. Post Frequently

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Another secret about how to grow your social media is to make sure you post multiple times daily. On average, you must post 2-3 times a day and don’t post so much that it might irritate your audience. Besides that, make sure to post at the correct time and try posting between 1-3 pm since that is the most accurate time for posting for almost all social media handles.

10. Optimize Your Headlines

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What I mean by the optimization of headlines is that they should be honest yet compelling. Various apps and websites can help you to create a captivating headline. Most of these websites score your headlines, so before posting, make sure you have a score over 70.

11. Share Relevant Content

source: search engine journal

It would be best if you always aimed at your audience and what they prefer talking about. What are their interests? Which posts do they like? Focus on creating relevant content for your audience. You might take time to understand what they like, but you’ll eventually figure things out. You can even take ideas from well-established accounts that are similar to yours.

12. Use Words That Grab Attention

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Try using capitalized words at the beginning of the post and on stories. Research suggests that capital letters will grab more eyes than lower case letters. Also, use words such as ALERT, ATTENTION, LOOK HERE, etc. These words must be short and meaningful, something that compels people to read.

13. Go Beyond Interaction

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Famous pages such as Netflix interact with their followers much more than you might know. They even go beyond it; you can see them goofing around with followers. They joke around with fans and respond with the most amazing replies, try taking inspiration from them, and work along the same lines.

14. Host A Weekly Interactive Session

You might have already figured out how important it is to be interactive with your followers by now. So try organizing weekly activities. For instance, go live at least once a week where you can discuss some trendy topics and engage with each other. Make sure to host this activity on the same day of the week every time, as that will remind your followers to join you every week for such fun stuff.

15. Use Emojis

source: bustle

According to research, using emoticons can help increase social media engagement. Let’s try to understand this with an example— the smiley face can boost interaction by 25%; on the other hand, a grimacing emoticon can increase engagement by 138%. Every emoji has its own specialty. Search about them online, and then use them wisely.

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