Top 15 Examples of Social Media Marketing Done Right

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Currently, Digital Marketing is a growing field in India. Social Media Marketing is one of the expanding platforms in digital marketing. Most of our youth are engaged in social media so why not create a modern way of marketing? Many of the products available to us have social media pages. Its content is either hilarious or motivational and certainly kind of persuasive. They create content according to the age groups active on these social media platforms which makes the content completely relatable to the youth. Since it is still growing in India, many of us are unaware of the content available on these pages. Not only these pages spread awareness but also humour and add a sense of belongingness through their posts on various festivals and special days.

Top 15 Examples of Social Media Marketing Done Right

1. Swiggy

Delicious food is something we all crave for, and some of us are grateful for the invention of home delivery. Also, food delivery apps have made our life even easier. Who knew they will provide a great delivery service with a great sense of humour? The Swiggy teams make sure to deliver great content on every occasion and many of these posts are relatable.

2. Fevi Kwik

Pun intended. This social media marketing is so simple yet humourous by Fevi kwik.

3. WWF

With spreading awareness and protecting aqua and wildlife, they sure have a great Instagram handle that doesn’t fail to impress anyone. Their hashtags and posts with well-written captions are 100% pure and are solely for the animal kingdom, which needs to be treated with the utmost care. They serve as reminders of how it is our responsibility towards nature to protect them.

4. Burger King

Along with great taste and amazing offers, they provide their customers with a crown. They are also known for their savage, filled with mocking humour posts that capture the audience’s attention. Who’s the king now?

5. KFC

Whom would you choose? Juicy Fried chicken or Friendship? All those who chose the Juicy Fried Chicken, good thinking. Your Friend would totally understand and probably be proud of you! #friedchickenoverfriend.

6. Pepsi

Pepsi is something that could fit in right with just anything. It’s the perfect companion for even the most disliked “not to be mentioned “dish.

7. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the first thing that pops in your mind when someone says, Peri-Peri Fries. Its social media marketing strategy is something that is hard to ignore.

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8. Zomato

Zomato does know your priorities. +5 marks for the menu on the app. It is very helpful – as confessed by an honest customer.

9. Lay’s

Everyone reading this, accept it that out of all amazing flavours that Lay’s offers, there is one particular flavour that you don’t want to share when you buy it. When you do buy it you take your own sweet time to finish it, enjoying the flavour and the crunchiness.

10. Frooti

Who doesn’t love mangoes? Mango juice is available off-season, and thanks frooti for that. Isn’t that good enough? Their idea of social media marketing is “mango-ficient”!

11. Colgate

Colgate is a product which is the most trusted brand, recommended by parents and doctors. Smile, please!

12. 5 Star

Could you actually hear Rakesh and Suresh saying these dialogues? Well, that makes two of us!

13. Dairy Milk

“Kuch Meetha Hojaye ” is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear Dairy Milk or the famous “Kiss me close your eyes” song.

14. Dominos

They give lip-smacking cheesy pizzas with an amazing crust. Don’t we all just need an excuse to order from Dominos?

15. Amul

Amul has something creative almost every month. Acknowledging this is one of the ways to do justice to their creative work. The little girl with blue hair wearing a red polka-dotted white dress has been the same for over a decade. She’s still the same with overloaded cuteness.

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